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World News aggregator

One of our first automated aggregators and as such in need of a little makeover. In the end we have decided to take it further and pretty much redesigned the entire site from scratch (that’s why we have bumped the site up to show on our homepage). Still in widgeted “magazine” style and same categories, BUT with many more sources, mobile responsive html5 code, new more powerful commercial syndication plugin, a cool marque news ticker at the top (now EBOLA but can be changed to any topic with one click), better-placed ads, social icons, search box, and many other details. The site is also very easy to manage (in fact you do absolutely nothing to maintain it, there’s even an auto-pruning plugin to delete old posts) so ideal for beginners or busy Internet marketers! [Read more]



Authority aggregator about terrorism, security and all-things-related. Automatically syndicates news and insights about terrorist organizations, Western and Middle-East countries, terrorism facts and more. Very professional and somber look in 3-columns blog style layout. Multiple choices re:how to display the articles. Beautiful marquee style scrolling news ticker. Plenty of room and possibilities to add further content (or your own), categories or subjects. Advertisement is done via AdSense and other CPC adverts as you wish. Homepage changes every day without any work from your side. Perfect for beginners and serious bloggers and affiliate marketers. [Read more]



Music Search Engine

Your very own music search engine website that allows visitors to search for music, listen to it, see information and even download it. The website monetizes by displaying affiliate adverts such as AdSense and ClickBank. Fully mobile responsive, SEO optimized and powered by SoundCloud. This is not a WordPress website. There is nothing to manage, or plugins, updates, manual work etc.: simply promote the website and earn money. Ideal for beginners! [Read more]


Movie trailers automatic videos site (+cinema news)

Get into the lucrative movies industry with a video trailers site that tidily shows the latest and upcoming movies trailers and clips in the major films categories (which you can easily edit). We’ve got ‘latest’, ‘blockbusters’, ‘horror’, of course ‘sexy’… and more, all big magnets. Easy to navigate, the site updates itself from YouTube users’ playlists (which you can also edit). You do not have to do anything to keep the site updated, ideal for beginners. The site also automatically pulls in all the latest news re:cinema, films and celebrities. The site monetizes with ClickBank or any other affiliate program you may want to use (AdSense etc.). [Read more]


CATS, blog and products 2x automation

Fully automated website about cats: the site is deceptively simple but it is definitely big, with two automations, one pulling in articles from all the major blogs about cats (under this – or as an alternative to this – you can publish your own content if desired of course), the other pulling in ALL Amazon’s categories for cats supplies, as well as (mostly funny) cats videos and more products, books. All this content gets mingled on the homepage. Videos play in a large lightbox. To help with monetization from Amazon the site also has plenty of static adverts. Read the full description to learn more about this must-have website. [Read more]


GAMBLING, casino, poker and sports betting news

Big informational/news site publishing in real time all the news about gambling, poker, casino and sports spread betting. Hugely profitable niche. The site monetizes with high-gravity ClickBanks adverts or you can use any affiliate programs in the lucrative gambling niche. Also included is an opt-in box for two free ebooks to attract visitors and collect their email addresses for further promotion. No work required and an easy to understand layout make this site ideal for beginners and a must in every Internet marketer portfolio. [Read more]


Musical instruments megasite with 220 campaigns/menus

One of the biggest sites we’ve ever made: the main feature is in fact the enormous amount of content i.e. products being pulled in from Amazon: we have included ALL the musical instruments categories available, so there are about 220 (!) menu entries corresponding to a similar number of WPRobot campaigns and WordPress categories. We have used a special menu plugin since WordPress can’t handle so many entries in its menu system. At a specified time interval the site automatically pulls in content so there is no work involved from your side. The homepage thus changes at every update (including the slideshow). The site monetizes when visitors click on a product and get redirected to Amazon to make their purchase. There are also static adverts on the homepage and each internal page that will help with monetization. The site even brand new as it is, comes with almost 1000 post (=products) already published. Despite quite complex the site is entirely on autopilot thus ideal for beginners or busy Internet marketers. [Read more]


Arts & Culture news + art gallery store (sell original Chagall, Warhol, Miro’, Dali, Lichtenstein etc.!)

Content syndication from all the major aspects of art and culture. Categories include Magazine (general arts news), Paintings, Design, Photography, Music, Theater, Cinema, Street art, Dance, Architecture, Art marketing and Art Reviews. Get terrific SEO and visitors interest all on autopilot. Integrated with five art galleries: take advantage of the new Amazon fine art store to promote original art selling up to 1/2 million dollars and earn huge commissions. Five galleries: Paintings, Mixed Media, Drawings, Art Prints and Fine Art Photographs with original artwork from Chagall, Warhol, Miro’, Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Dali, Lichtenstein, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams and many more! Or sell you own art, the site is e-commerce ready! Outstanding magazine-style layout and superb e-commerce integration with on site cart and 90-days cookies. Includes slideshow, cart widget, lightbox and much more. [Read more]


Fitness technology gadgets

Fitness training gadgets (such as the trendy fitness bracelets and smartphone-powered tech) are one of the hottest trends and a site about this niche should be in every Internet marketer portfolio, also because fitness/health and technology are always highly profitable. The site is based on Amazon’s “Fitness Technology” category page plus video reviews from YouTube (playing in a large lightbox). The site ‘sells’ all the latest Heart Rate Monitors, Fitness Trackers, Pedometers, Stopwatches and GPS for fitness from Amazon and is completely on autopilot. Exceptional graphics with mobile responsive slideshow and widgeted magazine-style layout. Ideal for beginners to Internet marketing. [Read more]


Notice about aggregators:
1) To save on bandwidth and disk space, most automated sites are slowed down or paused. Once you get your automated site, Cron jobs will be obviously un-paused.
2) With all our aggregators, you can choose whether to show the posts on site (and give credit and backlink to the original author/website at the bottom of the post), or show headlines and have the original stories open in a new window at the original site (default behavior).

Instant film digital cameras, emerging best selling trend!

In the age of digital photography and online photo sharing, if you want to create something tangible and more exclusive to share only with those close to you, an instant film camera will add fun, privacy, instant gratification and analog charm to your digital world. Now mixing digital and traditional ‘instant’ film, the trend is booming and this is a good chance to add a niche in its infancy to your affiliates portfolio. The site is very easy to use and perfect for beginners, also because of the low price and the lack of complex plugins. Other features include on-site shopping cart and 90-days cookies, social icons, mobile responsiveness with the latest code available, contact and privacy pages, products reviews and related posts. The site could even be easily converted to any other product sold by Amazon with just a few clicks, as clearly explained in the instructions. [Read more]


Amazon’s best selling & new books in fiction

The site uses Amazon’s RSS real-time feeds to pull in all best sellers AND new publications, all related to the “fiction” genre. This could easily be changed any other literary category, so with just some quick clicks you could duplicate the site multiple times to different literary genres! Additionally, the site also syndicates Books Reviews from different websites, addinf further interest to the site. Monetization is done when visitors click on the book(s) and go to Amazon to make their purchase, and it is also integrated with several static adverts on each page. The site does not use any Amazon plugins (such as WPRobot) so not only the price is very low but at the same time it is also easy to use (completely automated) and suitable for beginners. [Read more]


Streetwear clothing store + urban lifestyle & fashion blog with lots of features

One of the most feature-rich affiliate e-commerce sites we’ve designed so far, no doubt one of the cutest and possibly profitable as well. Unlike our other fashion/clothing sites, it is geared towards hipsters and wealthy urban culture/hiphop rap lifestyles consumers… all big spenders! The design is awesome with animations, lightbox, Ajax shopping cart, even the ability to change ‘skin’ between dozens available. This is an affiliate (w/90 days/cookies!) AND a real e-store from which you could also sell real products if one day you wish to offer your own mail order. Either way it requires some work in order to have it populated with the latest trendy products from Amazon. Changing layout/design, effects etc., even though clearly explained, requires some technical skills. We do not recommend this site to complete beginners or the work-shy. An additional feature is the big syndication function that automatically adds posts (all with pictures) from dozens of related sources. These posts can open on site or at the original site. Of course you could even add your own content if you are inclined to become a blogger. Make sure to read the sale page and visit the site to learn more! [Read more]


Fashion & Style trendsetting blogs aggregator

An elegant aggregator syndicating all the trendiest personal style and fashion blogs, with the potential to become very popular! Fully automated and very easy to use and especially customize since it only has static adverts, use any affiliate program you like. Very modern and minimalistic Pinterest-style layout, all posts come with very large pictures and you could easily add even more sources such as jewelry, or celebrities, design etc. or if you want, even your own content. Fashion and style is an ever green and trendy multi billion dollars industry from which is easy to grab some profit. The site is ideal for beginners to Internet Marketing but also a must in every affiliate marketer portfolio. [Read more]



Lingerie store

Your chance to become a real e-tailer in the lucrative and trendy fashion lingerie world with an outstanding real e-commerce site, promoting all lingerie products from Amazon. The site has a real shopping cart which means that visitors get a 90-days cookie (instead of 24 hours like most Amazon affiliate sites). The design is one of our best e-commerce featuring a stunning automated slideshow (right in the masthead!) to promote specific products (which you can choose). Besides shopping cart, products variations, filtered prices, wishlist, social icons, and more, the site comes with an outstanding integration between theme, shopping cart plugin and Amazon plugin, fully mobile responsive layout and the latest WordPress, theme and plugins. And not just lingerie..! Want to change shop? With minimum technical skills and thanks to our clear instructions, if you want you can change (or duplicate to another domain) your e-store site to sell anything that Amazon sells! [Read more]


Paleo diet 2x automation w/news, blog, videos & books

Dig into the multi-million dollars diet industry with a very comprehensive site about the fast-growing Paleolithic diet. The site can be fully or partially automated. It comes with 4 categories on autopilot via 2 automation engines: news, books, videos and a blog. The blog section could also be used for your own personal insights. News posts (recipes, tips etc.) come from pretty much all the top Paleo blogs on the Net. Then we have books from Amazon, from which the site will monetize (along with plenty of static adverts on site of course) and finally, YouTube videos with more reviews, recipes and tips. An outstanding fully mobile responsive blog-style design, the latest WordPress code, social icons, contact and privacy page, lightbox video player and very detailed instructions (including how to transform it to a different niche/topic) complete this must-have website. [Read more]


Baby care (Amazon e-store)

A complete BABY CARE e-store PRELOADED with 1,200 products! Sell multiple itmes at once with your own ON-SITE SHOPPING CART, plus also benefit from 90-days cookies instead of 1-day. A wishlist is also included. Impress your visitors with product variation just like the big e-tailers! Special widgets such as filter by price, layered nav, Ajax dynamic search etc. will make for a great shopping experience for your visitors and your store on par with the major e-tailers. [Read more]


Tourism/travel megasite with 2x automation and integrated hotels search

Another gorgeous magazine style site with double automation pulling in thousands of travel, tourism and holidays related articles from over 120 sources (!) as well Amazon products, all posted daily on autopilot! Includes a great integration with HotelsCombined for hotels/search/compare for over 200k hotels worldwide! Huge profit potential thanks to Amazon affiliate products such as luggage and travel books, plus plenty of adverts on each page and of course the hotels search which is the big payer with this niche. The site covers every kind of tourism, including adventures and expeditions, culture and luxury travel, backpacking & budget travel, gay tourism and even ‘digital nomads’! Great design and content, “call to action” opt-in box to grab visitors emails on every internal pages, social icons, built-in on-page SEO optimization and very detailed instructions make this site one of our best so far! [Read more]


Luxury beauty 2x automation w/great Amazon integration

Luxury beauty products, trends and ideas is a brand new and very elegant blog style design with double automation. Multi billion dollars industry with high profit potential. Get high commissions thanks to the great integration with the brand new Amazon Luxury Beauty department selling expensive prestige brands. Products and articles smoothly integrated, all with large pictures. Hundreds of articles and products get constanly posted automatically. New layout and design never done before. No work required to maintain the site but if you are into cosmetics you could also easily post your own content in blog style. Latest code with HTML5 markup, fast loading, Google fonts and of course fully mobile responsive. [Read more]



wordpress ready made websites


TATTOOS blog, slick aggregator with high potential

Tattoos have never been so popular and a good site in this niche has the potential to convert very well, for this reason adverts have been carefully placed. Fully automated to post large tattoos photos from a large number of sources, no work required to run the site. Plenty of social interaction which is a must with this niche. Unlike our other aggregators this one has some specific features such as no excerpts, automatic categories creation, no menus, and a very clean and fluid layout using the latest HTML5 mobile responsive code. The site pulls in hundreds of tags matching every possible long-tail keywords search, we believe this is our best on-page SEO optimized site so far. Finally, $150 of licensed software and our usual detailed instructions make this site highly recommended to beginners and everyone serious in Internet marketing. [Read more]


Back pain therapies and news

Authority site about back pain and spine health, with an emphasis on inversion therapy. The site has two automations (one for content, another pulls in products from Amazon) but it is our only Amazon affiliate site that can be purchased even without WPRobot because it comes preloaded with 100+ products already. Great layout and content, slideshow, videos, multiple categories, plenty of adverts, fully mobile responsive design and the latest code make this site a must in every affiliate marketer portfolio. [Read more]


MANGA, Anime and Cosplay magazine

Dig into the manga, anime and cosplay hugely profitable industry! Publish hundreds of Amazon products and thousands of related posts from all the top Manga websites, daily! Everything is automated, the site requires no work and no knowledge about the topics. Besides earning from Amazon products the site also has plenty of adverts right on the homepage. Double automation, one for syndicated news, the other for Amazon. All syndicated posts come with a large picture, all products with description and reviews. A very modern and fully mobile responsive layout including social links, ‘comics’ style fonts, gorgeous slideshow, Amazon carousels and much more! Software only is worth almost $400 with commercial framework + two automation plugins that you can re-use. [Read more]


Green living tips, news, products & reviews

Hugely comprehensive authority site about very important topics such as green living, organic products, sustainable choices, healthy lifestyles, energy, waste, climate & environment, green cars and even eco tourism.. and more! Double automation engine, everything is on autopilot, homepage changes every day, tons of articles and Amazon products get pulled in, no maintenance or manual work necessary! Beautiful & massive homepage, each post has a picture, plenty of advertisement, social links, tags, and more! Software only is worth almost $400 with commercial framework + two automation plugins. [Read more]


Africa news

Huge authority site about all things Africa! Beautiful magazine style site syndicating over 120 sources with many cool features such as live TV, flights/hotels/car rentals search box, general and country specific news, multiple categories from business to travel to health and politics. Includes a classifieds section and even a personal blog section. Made with WordPress so it’s easy to change/add/curate the content (if you want to!). Anyone can own and run this site, no need to know anything about Africa. [Read more]


HIP HOP news/magazine megasite with Amazon products + Videos + 2x automation

Terrific hip hop aggregator website including rap, DJing, street art/graffiti, break-dancing and b-boying along with ‘large’ autoplay videos and a huge number of Amazon products to sell! New supercool ‘parallax scrolling’ layout for the most comprehensive authority magazine style site we’ve ever done. Basically, this site is awesome! Double automation, one to syndicate from over 75 sources (!), another to pull Amazon products in over 15 categories (more can be easily added). Over $300 of software come with the site along with comprehensive instructions for further customization, this makes this site a must for any ‘hip’ and trendy Internet marketer. [Read more]


Aromatherapy (Amazon e-store)

A complete aromatheraphy e-store (easily changeable to different products, if you want!). Sell multiple products at once with your own ON-SITE SHOPPING CART, plus also benefit from 90-days cookies instead of 1-day. A WISHLIST is also included. Impress your visitors with PRODUCT VARIATIONS just like the big e-tailers! Special widgets such as filter by price, layered nav, Ajax dynamic search will make for a great shopping experience for your visitors and your store on par with the major e-tailers. [Read more]


Spectacular LUXURY magazine with e-store

Comprehensive magazine style site about all-things-luxury. Earn from your own luxury store (and from adverts). Your affiliate websites are not making enough money with low commissions on cheap products? Try promoting $2,000 watches, $1,000 cameras, $1,200 treadmills, $400 glasses… and many more expensive best sellers from Amazon! Enjoy high commissions, plus 90 days cookies, on-site shopping cart (sell multiple products at once!), even wishlist — and watch your earnings increase dramatically! Products variations and special features such as filter by price, layered nav, Ajax dynamic search make the entire shopping experience absolutely delightful and your store on par with the major e-tailers. Not just shopping: the site also syndicates the best content re:luxury such as lifestyle, fashion, trends, travel, cars, properties, culture and more! [Read more]