HIFI Speakers

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HI-FI Loudspeakers

The site is live and 100% functional, click link to view!

HIGH technology related earning niche!


Comprehensive website design with very elegant and detailed graphics, plenty of content, dozens of pictures, videos reviews, contact/privacy pages, and more!

READY TO RUN with ANY affiliate programs such as AdSense, Amazon, ClickBank, Chitika, AdBrite, Kontera, Infolinks… all of them!

Built-in and preconfigured auto-updating Amazon Store, start selling without keeping any inventory!

Like all our sites it comes ready to generate profit! Just customize your affiliate details and go! The site comes with comprehensive instructions on how to install and configure it.

Framework design, hooks, built-in SEO, built-in Google search, and more!

Like for ALL our WP designs we use different commercial (NOT freeware) Premium themes worth $89!

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Choice A:
– domain name hifispeakers.club
– website design
– one month of free hosting to get you online immediately!
Obviously only one available! Only $60!!!

Please enter your GoDaddy Account (and your GoDaddy email if <> Paypal email):

If this is your choice your job will be very simple: A) nothing to download or install. Just let us know your GoDaddy account and we will take care of everything else, for free and  B) configure the affiliates inside the site as explained in the instructions that you will receive from us. After one month you’re free to keep hosting with us (purchase below, now or next month) or go (no charge). Note: If you do not have a GoDaddy account please go there and open one (it’s quick and free).

Choice B:
– website design (use your own domain name and hosting).
Limited edition of 30 packages at just $35No waiting time, instant digital download!


If you would like to use your own domain name and hosting you can purchase the website only. Considering that besides the site design you also get a Premium theme + framework worth $89 this is exceptional value. You will receive an instant automatic download link right after the payment (no waiting time for emails etc.). The file includes all necessary files and VERY DETAILED  instructions on how to upload and configure the site. Your job will be to 1) install the site, 2)  change the logo/header depending on your own domain name/tagline  and 3) configure your affiliates details. Our popular optional set-up service pack for point 1 (install the site) is of course available.

A complete, ready-to-run even without technical training, limited edition, professionally designed website — all set-up with the best affiliates programs and complete with an $89 Premium Theme (NOT a free theme) — yours for just $35 (NO hidden fees, just add domain name and hosting).

PERSONAL USE – Please see ‘Know Your Rights’ (FAQ).

Requirements and skills necessary for Point 1 (Install the Site). YOUR HOST: your hosting account MUST support PHP5, MySQL4 and CPanel. YOU: From CPanel you will make a WordPress installation, upload/download files, import an sql database. We will also discuss how to safely backup your new site, so you will basically learn how to deploy/clone WP sites via browser only (a valuable skill by itself!). Inside WordPress, you will be using plugins, make several other changes etc. Nothing extremely difficult really, and as said everything is extremely well explained, but if you are not comfortable with this AT ALL or do not have the time, please purchase the service pack. Please note that we do not customize your affiliate details nor we register your name with them (Amazon, AdSense etc.).

Optional setup $25

Setup Service :
(Note: We do not install to non-CPanel hosting accounts).

affiliate turnkey websites

turnkey website for sale

Site Main Features

  • Professionally designed with a WordPress Premium theme (NOT a freeware) within a FRAMEWORK that you can re-use. Get fast, modern code that search engines love. Ease of use, and exceptional value ($89 framework + Premium theme). Self-updating for life! Change skin (theme) in two minutes if you want a new, unique look. SEO built-in. HOOKS to place anything everywhere on the pages. These features ALONE  are worth the price of the website! You can have one (or more!) DIFFERENT sidebars on EVERY page if you want to – great for sophisticated and targeted ads placement!
  • Plenty of content with dozens of PLR articles (divided by categories), videos, graphics etc.
  • One or more Amazon Stores. Nothing for you to physically sell, just let people shop and checkout from Amazon and enjoy the earnings!
  • Ads spaces already preconfigured on every page, just replace our code with yours following the simple instructions. ClickBank, Amazon, CJ, AdSense, Chitika, AdBrite, Kontera, InfoLinks… we can’t possibly list them all! ANY of these affiliate program can be joined and EASILY configured with no need for third-party software or tweaking.
  • Social links, subscription link and RSS feed. Working contact page, sitemap, privacy policy page.
  • Built-in SEO for great SERP (no plugins!). SEO is already configured and the site is super search engines friendly! Fine tune keywords, title, META for the entire site or even individually for EVERY page or post.
  • Google Search Bar integrated in the design.

turnkey website for sale

The theme (including built-in SEO) updates itself automatically!

turnkey website for sale


HOW MUCH MONEY CAN THIS SITE GENERATE? This of course depends on the amount of traffic. For example, with a quite conservative figure of 250 daily visitors, 30 cent/click, and a 15% CTR, AdSense would generate (250*15%*0.3*30) = $337.50/month.

Text links, with the same numbers, maybe less, 10% CTR and 20 cent/click, would make $150/month. Amazon pays between 4% and 8,5%, say average 6%. With only 3 sales per day, assuming $100 products, the income would be $540 monthly. Finally ClickBank, the best payer, offering up to 75% commissions. With only one sale per day on a $30 commission = $900/month.

So we have a roughly estimate of approx. $337+$150+$540+$900=$1,927/month (that is $23,124/year in your pockets), with minimal work from your side and an incredibly low investment. Don’t feel that you can make 250 visitors a day? Let’s say a (complete disaster) of just 25 visitors? It would still be a very nice $2,300/year, and of course you can always purchase more than one website (any number of websites that you purchase from us will be hosted for the price of one), or you can join more valuable affiliate programs (eBay, Commission Junction etc.).

Please also keep in mind that with the right promotion and SEO, a niche website such as this one could easily achieve much more than 250 visitors per day. And the more the website ages, the better the rank, hence more traffic. It can only get better! You can easily find some same-niche competitors websites on the net and check them with an online tool such as Cubestat to see how many visitors they receive.

turnkey website for sale