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Casino and Gambling

The site is live and 100% functional, click link to view!

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With an exceptional content of over 200 articles, the site is organized in chapters pretty much like a book.

As you can see from the menus most topics have been covered – in three categories: 1-Basics (understanding the odds, money management, winning strategies, mistakes, online gambling and even IRS and taxes). 2-Tables games (poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat). 3-Other games (slots, video poker, sports betting, bingo, keno).

Of course the site comes with our usual very elegant and detailed graphics, dozens of pictures, ads and banners, store, contact/privacy pages, and more!

The Smart Ads Placement feature allows targeted advertising, for example clicking At the tables>Poker (top image) shows poker related ads, clicking anywhere else (lower image) shows different ads (or any other content you’d like of course). You can have a different sidebar (with different ads/content) for every single page, category or even post in the site!


Built-in and preconfigured auto-updating Amazon Store, start selling without keeping any inventory!
Tags cloud great for SEO and visitors!
The site comes with fully editable psd header, you can even easily edit the words in green on the cards!

Like all our sites it comes ready to generate profit! Just customize your affiliate details and go! The site comes with comprehensive instructions on how to install and configure it.


Framework design, hooks, built-in SEO,updates for life, and more!

READY TO RUN with ANY affiliate programs such as AdSense, Amazon, ClickBank, Chitika, AdBrite, Kontera, Infolinks… all of them!

Like for ALL our WP designs we use different commercial (NOT freeware) Premium themes worth $89!

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Choice A:
– domain name   Just the right keywords CASINO + GAMBLING and nothing else with the new uber-cool, bold, fresh, short and memorable .xyz suffix !
– website design
– one month of free hosting to get you online immediately!
Obviously only one available! Only $75!!! REAL TIME COUNTER: 1 AVAILABLE

Please enter your GoDaddy Account (and your GoDaddy email if <> Paypal email):
If this is your choice your job will be very simple: A) nothing to download or install. Just let us know your GoDaddy account and we will take care of everything else, for free and  B) configure the affiliates inside the site as explained in the instructions that you will receive from us. After one month you’re free to keep hosting with us (purchase below, now or next month) or go (no charge). Note: If you do not have a GoDaddy account please go there and open one (it’s quick and free).

Choice B:
– website design (use your own domain name and hosting).
Limited edition of only 30 packages at just $40.  No waiting time, instant digital download!

If you would like to use your own domain name and hosting you can purchase the website only. Considering that besides the site design you also get a Premium theme + framework worth $89 this is exceptional value. You will receive an instant automatic download link right after the payment (no waiting time for emails etc.). The file includes all necessary files and VERY DETAILED  instructions on how to upload and configure the site. Your job will be to 1) install the site, 2)  change the logo/header depending on your own domain name/tagline  and 3) configure your affiliates details. Our popular optional set-up service pack for point 1 (install the site) is of course available.

A complete, ready-to-run even without technical training, limited edition, professionally designed website — all set-up with the best affiliates programs and complete with an $89 Premium Theme (NOT a free theme) — yours for just $35 (NO hidden fees, just add domain name and hosting).

PERSONAL USE – Please see ‘Know Your Rights’ (FAQ).

Requirements and skills necessary for Point 1 (Install the Site). YOUR HOST: your hosting account MUST support PHP5, MySQL4 and CPanel. YOU: From CPanel you will make a WordPress installation, upload/download files, import an sql database. We will also discuss how to safely backup your new site, so you will basically learn how to deploy/clone WP sites via browser only (a valuable skill by itself!). Inside WordPress, you will be using plugins, make several other changes etc. Nothing extremely difficult really, and as said everything is extremely well explained, but if you are not comfortable with this AT ALL or do not have the time, please purchase the service pack. Please note that we do not customize your affiliate details nor we register your name with them (Amazon, AdSense etc.).

Optional setup $25

Setup Service :
(Note: We do not install to non-CPanel hosting accounts).


Domain name w/suffix:
(Websites coupons should be entered BEFORE adding hosting to the cart).

affiliate turnkey websites

Partial page rank THREE for

IF YOU HAVE the page rank check Firefox extension, or if you want to take a minute to visit one of those page rank checkers online (there’s dozens), you will find that some pages of this domain for sale have a page rank THREE making it (especially in the casino/gambling industry) EXTREMELY VALUABLE. For example try its store or some articles or even the privacy page


This is quite strange because the domain name has been registered recently (April 2015) BUT as you can see from its WHOIS in the picture below, we’ve been lucky to purchase an expired domain name which was first registered more than ten years ago. This is probably tricking Google into assigning to some parts of the site a Page Rank 3.