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Facts, gossip and news about the rich and famous!

Celebrities News Aggregator website

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A completely automated, highly customizable, WordPress based celebrities news aggregator site with outstanding design, innovative advertising and incredible potential. AUTOMATICALLY pick the best and latest news from Hollywood and show them on the MASSIVE homepage which CHANGES EVERY DAY.

News aggregator – A clever plugin pulls in news and headlines 24/7. Set the time interval for updates – once a day for example – and forget about it. Updating the content takes only a few seconds and the entire homepage changes, including the cool slideshow and pictures which get automatically resized. Ideal for beginners since you do literally nothing to manage the site. Includes the latest news from the hot celebs industry. After just ONE UPDATE, the sitemap was six pages! Imagine the staggering amount of stardom-related juice and precious (and expensive!) keywords that you will be pulling in from news, gossip, fashion, trends, movies, music, scandals and buzz. You can easily change these categories as well as the sources (we’ve used some of the best sources but there are so many!). Clicking on an article headline opens an excerpt on site, or with just on click you can change this setting and have the full article opening either on site or at the original site.

Advertising – Being in such a HOT niche like Hollywood, this site could become very profitable and one has to choose affiliate partners as well as ads placement and their quality carefully. Right now on the homepage we have a number of ads  including the highest gravity/best sellers ClickBank products and PPC ads, Amazon, AdSense (which pays more than $5 per click in this niche. As said it’s easy to replace/add more advertisement according to your wishes and internet marketing skills.

Outstanding design – As you can see the design is extremely elegant and neat, with very modern typography also using Google webfonts.  Design is important from a visitor point of view, but it is even more for SEO, since search engines, in particular Google, love fresh, modern code (it doesn’t get any fresher than this). The site is also SEO optimized (SEO functions built in, no plugins needed). You get automatic updates for life for both (i.e. framework/theme and SEO functions). You can easily customize the site, as explained in the instructions, to show or replace any category, change the layout, replace the header (psd files supplied) and so on. The theme is fully hmtl5/mobile responsive and also features a nice slideshow and a ticker with the latest news in the showbusiness.

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