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FULLY Automated and self-maintained!


Very powerful POLITICAL NEWS aggregator, featuring a gorgeous new design, the latest WordPress and plugins, new Google webfonts, a beautiful slideshow, social “likes” including Google+ and extraordinary, spot-on, ever changing content (pulling from 23 websites to 15 topics). A site for real Internet marketing connoisseurs!

A very clean layout for an easy-to-manage (you do nothing! Ideal for beginners or busy people) fully automated and self-maintained website. Works just like Google News (only better looking!), pulling in news and headlines 24/7. Set the time interval for the updates and off it goes all by itself! Includes the latest news from various categories relating US political news and discussions. Obviously with the Presidential elections coming soon, millions of dollars will be spent online. Once adequately promoted this website is all you need to earn part of that money, now and in the future. (Now that the elections are over, removing the menu entry takes one click, we’ll be happy do that for you at no charge).

Fully automated indeed means that this is a set and forget site. So all the articles get created automatically, images are also posted and resized automatically. The site footprint is not a problem too, since old posts get deleted also automatically (you set the interval), so no risk to blow your disk quota. This site will cost you NOTHING but the hosting.

Not just an Aggregator! With this design, given the complex topic, we’ve gone even further, adding a blog section (“Insights” from the menu), where you can add your own articles or commentary, or PLR articles if you’re not into writing. Remember this is WordPress, adding content is dead easy! If you want us to slightly change the header/logo to reflect a particular political inclination you’d like to give to the site please let us know, minor changes are always free of charge!!

Unlike other news aggregators sites, it is really complete, with on-page SEO optimization already done, contact page, privacy page, sitemap and even a submit your own feed page. PLUS, plenty of advertisement possibilities. Right now the site has AdSense, Amazon, ClickBank, LinkShare and ourselves, but you can change/add any affiliate program you want. 21 ads spaces throughout the homepage (including on left/right of the header), and including a Multirotating ad changing at every page load (you can have dozens of different ads on this space only), Amazon carousel in internal pages (contact, sitemap, privacy etc.), AdSense banners at the top and bottom of every internal page and so on. New! ALSO INCLUDED an Amazon store with pertinent content!

politicsusa.org is For Sale on Flippa!

BID NOW!! The original “old” design with LESS FEATURES (no blog, no Amazon store etc.) has been sold. We now have the site available with an outstanding .com domain name, politicsbreakingnews.com, as depicted on this page, available for purchase before being probably auctioned, at only $145 $135. (Site with domain name, one month hosting etc.). THIS SITE IS NOT DIRECTLY AVAILABLE AS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, ASK IF INTERESTED.

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