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Health News Aggregator

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Health News Aggregator website

FULLY Automated and self-maintained!

Very powerful HEALTH NEWS aggregator, featuring a quite minimalistic and clear design showing all the headlines from the major sources in health. Automatically get fresh, spot-on and ever changing content. You can easily change/add feeds to suit any particular health niche in more depth.

Pretty much like a newspaper frontpage, the site is neatly divided in two main columns. There are adverts both on the homepage and big banners on every internal page. Two menus, the first one covers Health news and more general topics (the health insurance niche only pays over $15/click with AdSense). The second menu goes more in detail with specific health issues. The site looks good as it is of course, but with just a few clicks you can change/add/replace different sources and arguments, like AIDS, cancer and so on (or on a lighter note, healthy living for example). Or if you are involved in health or medicine you could easily add your own blog or commentary to give even more value to the site (as explained in the instructions).

Our goal is to make beautiful websites (always) but in this particular case we really wanted to make a site really useful to those seeking information about health. With a daily updated news aggregator visitors can find all the information and news they want from a single site rather than wasting time and energies browsing around.

The site is very easy-to-manage (you do nothing! Ideal for beginners or busy people), fully automated and self-maintained. Works just like Google News, pulling in news and headlines 24/7. Set the time interval for the updates and off it goes all by itself! All the articles get created automatically, images are also posted and resized automatically. The site footprint is not a problem either, since old posts get deleted also automatically (you set the interval), so no risk to blow your disk quota. This site will cost you NOTHING but hosting.

Plenty of advertisement possibilities. Right now the site has AdSense, Amazon, ClickBank and LinkShare, but you can change/add any affiliate program you want.

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