Alternative Medicine

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Alternative Medicine

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Hugely profitable Health related niche!

Covers even higher profit microniches such as acne, aging etc.

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Being health-related, alternative medicine and therapies have higher than average (~$5) CPC, but if you do a little homework, you will find that the site can monetize from even more lucrative sub-niches. For example at Amazon, the best sellers under this category are Light Therapy and Sound Therapy (we’ve included all the others like acupuncture, magnetic etc. and books too). Light and Sound instruments are also expensive items so we are interested in selling mostly these products. So, when SEOing this site, keep in mind that (for example), Light Therapy is used for 1-acne 2-aging and 3-SAD, so use the proper keywords (go deep) in order to get acne afflicted teens and wealthy aging ladies to the site – enjoy the high sales and also profit from up to $12-$20/click for acne related keywords from people that maybe, probably didn’t even know that red light is used for skin problems and blue light to cure seasonal affective disorders. These are just examples, the concept (as always) is, with your site, give a service, spread  knowledge and interest, and in return get traffic and high conversions. With a site like this, and proper SEO, you can show up first on Google for a huge number of long tail keywords.

Graphically, the site looks quite minimalistic as people would expect from an ‘alternative’ and peaceful site. The menu is quite unusual for it’s been placed on a side. The main products categories are here, whilst other content (PLR articles and videos) is from the top menu. There is a nice slider at the top showing only products for sale (not articles etc.). There are two sidebars, one on the homepage, another, quite similar (it’s content can easily be changed further) on the internal pages. Almost the entire homepage sidebar shows books, another big seller in  medicine and self-healing. Advertising-wise, make no mistake, there is plenty of ads on the site. The sidebars have two powerful multirotating ad spaces each, so visitors will see different ads on every page. Right now there are about 12 different ads and more can be added! We also have Adsense banners at the bottom (homepage) and top+bottom (internal pages). Since the site is meant to look a bit new age-ish we did not feel to go heavy with adverts, then again you’re supposed to make money when selling products too, and ALL the posts on the homepage are products for sale. These products change automatically (including pictures) every time the powerful WPRobot plugin makes new posts (like every day) so visitors will enjoy an ever changing page with all the new products from Amazon (as well as articles and videos).

WPRobot: you will get the core plus the following modules: Amazon, Article, ClickBank, Ebay, Twitter, PressRelease, YouTube, Flickr and Shopzilla. Notice that you are allowed to install the plugin on three different websites, you will receive updates for life and you will be able to participate to their support forum. (You can buy the site without WPRobot if you already have it, see options below). The site also comes with a professional commercial theme worth $89 with free updates for life (for both the theme and SEO functions, which are built-in /no plugins necessary).

Plenty of choice! You can purchase the site in FOUR options: with or without domain name/hosting and with/without WPRobot (in case you already have it – it is required to run the site – and since campaigns and templates are in the database already, you do NOT have to re-create them). And one option also includes a FREE website package of your choice!

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If this is your choice your job will be very simple: A) nothing to download or install. Just let us know your GoDaddy account and we will take care of everything else, for free and B) configure the affiliates inside the site as explained in the instructions that you will receive from us. After one month you’re free to keep hosting with us (purchase from homepage) or go (no charge). Note: If you do not have a GoDaddy account please go there and open one (it’s quick and free).

Choice B:
Limited edition of ONLY 30 packages at just $35/$115+bonus site!!!
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EITHER: $115 website design with WP Robot plugin and FREE site!
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Your FREE package of choice:

If you purchase this choice (with the WPRobot option) you will also receive a FREE website design of your choice! Just indicate the name of any package from the top menu. Note: Your automatic digital download will NOT include a link to the free site as well. This will be sent by human email. (Offer available only for packages costing < $50).

OR: $35 website design as above but without WP Robot and bonus site. You MUST have your own WPRobot (recent version 3.5x) to run the site.

If you would like to use your own domain name and hosting you can purchase the website only. Considering that besides the site design you also get a Premium theme + framework worth $89 this is exceptional value. You will receive an instant automatic download link right after the payment (no waiting time for emails etc.). The file includes all necessary files and VERY DETAILED instructions on how to upload and configure the site. Your job will be to 1) install the site, 2) change the logo/header depending on your own domain name/tagline and 3) configure your affiliates details. Our popular optional set-up service pack for point 1 (install the site) is of course available.

A complete, ready-to-run even without technical training, limited edition, professionally designed website — all set-up with the best affiliates programs and complete with an $89 Premium Theme (NOT a free theme).

PERSONAL USE – Please see ‘Know Your Rights’ (FAQ).

Requirements and skills necessary for Point 1 (Install the Site). YOUR HOST: your hosting account MUST support PHP5, MySQL4 and CPanel. YOU: From CPanel you will make a WordPress installation, upload/download files, import an sql database. We will also discuss how to safely backup your new site, so you will basically learn how to deploy/clone WP sites via browser only (a valuable skill by itself!). Inside WordPress, you will be using plugins, make several other changes etc. Nothing extremely difficult really, and as said everything is extremely well explained, but if you are not comfortable with this AT ALL or do not have the time, please purchase the service pack. Please note that we do not customize your affiliate details nor we register your name with them (Amazon, AdSense etc.).

Optional setup $25

Setup Service :
(Note: We do not install to non-CPanel hosting accounts).



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(Websites coupons should be entered BEFORE adding hosting to the cart).
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turnkey website for sale