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Fashion & Shopping!

The site is live and 100% functional, click link to view!

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Super-comprehensive site selling all-things FASHION!

Gorgeous new design with fashion videos & triple-slideshow!

Social links, Opt-in box and fanatical attention to layout and design!

Fully automated with WPRobot, no maintenance site!

From clothing (including Lingerie) to shoes, handbags, hats, sunglasses and jewelry this very elegant and brand new fashion and shopping design has it all! Make a profit when visitors purchase Amazon products and when they click on the advertisement on site. There are about 22 different categories/WPRobot campaigns (more can be easily added) automatically posting hundreds of new Amazon articles (and videos playing hires in a fancy lightbox) at the time interval you specify in the options. So the entire homepage changes constantly showing all the new cool articles and videos in this very hot and ever-green niche. Completely automated with the powerful WPRobot plugin — this site needs no maintenance!

Notice the secondary menu at the very bottom, the social links on every page and even an opt-in box on the internal pages. The static picture at the top can be replaced with whatever fashion-related picture you may like (instructions also cover how to replace this picture). IMPORTANT: The site has been made with a very powerful and expensive new WordPress framework which permits to design unique websites from scratch without writing a single line of code, or php/CSS knowledge (plus many other unseen before features – our recent sites have been made with this framework and as you can see they are all different). Clicking/dragging here and there (and a bit of patience) is all it takes to redesign the site entirely if you want to (there is dozens of layout presets to make things even easier). You can therefore feel free to experiment in order to make your site really unique, knowing that if something goes wrong you can always reload the standard design layout preferences files that come with the site. One nice and important feature is that the site is optimized for SEO without any third-party plugins (and stays optimized whenever the framework gets updated).

Advertising throughout the site is comprehensive but as usual not overwhelming, with one AdSense plus Amazon and our own program on the homepage, and two AdSense banners along with tons of Amazon ads on every internal page. Amazon ads (in the fashion category) are quite cool and a pleasure to look at. Of course AS USUAL you can use any ads and affiliate you want not necessarily the same that are shown now (as explained in the instructions).

WPRobot: you will get the core plus the following modules: Amazon, Article, ClickBank, Ebay, Twitter, PressRelease, YouTube, Flickr and Shopzilla. You are allowed to install the plugin on three different websites, you will receive updates for life and you will be able to participate to their support forum.

You can purchase the site in 4 options: with or without domain name/hosting and with/without WPRobot (in case you already have it – it is required to run the site – and since campaigns and templates are in the database already, you do not have to re-create them). And one option also includes a FREE website package of your choice! (Also you may want to check our other fashion website here which does not use WPRobot).

UPDATE: THE SITE HAS BEEN SLIGHTLY REDESIGNED AND REVAMPED! (click the pic to visit the actual site). We have fixed the WP3.4x update that broke the site, removed the slideshow at the footer (too heavy),changed from two to three videos at the top, updated WP, theme and plugins to their latest version, updated readme instructions to latest version + other minor changes. A well worth Maintenance since this is one of our best selling and profitable designs.

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Choice A (running site as shown, with domain name):
– domain name Strong and authoritative .com domain name with terrific keywords in it!
– website design
– one month of free hosting to get you online immediately!
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Option :
Please enter your GoDaddy Account (and your GoDaddy email if <> Paypal email):

If this is your choice your job will be very simple: A) nothing to download or install. Just let us know your GoDaddy account and we will take care of everything else, for free and B) configure the affiliates inside the site as explained in the instructions that you will receive from us. After one month you’re free to keep hosting with us (purchase hosting here) or go (no charge). Note: If you do not have a GoDaddy account please go there and open one (it’s quick and free).

Choice B (downloadable site backup without domain name):
Limited edition of ONLY 15+15 packages at just $65/$125+bonus site!!!
Use your own domain name and hosting. No waiting time, instant digital download!
EITHER: $125 website design with WP Robot plugin and FREE site!

(Offer available only for packages (no domain name) costing < $50 — NOT FOR AGGREGATORS or FOR CUSTOM SITES!).

Your FREE package of choice:

FREE BONUS BUY-ONE-GET-TWO ! If you purchase this choice (with the WPRobot option) you will also receive a FREE website design of your choice! Just indicate the name of any package from the top menu. Note: Your automatic digital download will NOT include a link to the free site as well. This will be sent by human email. (Offer available only for packages costing < $50).

OR: $65 website design as above but without WP Robot and bonus site. You MUST have your own WPRobot (recent version 3.6x please) to run the site.

If you would like to use your own domain name and hosting you can purchase the website only. Considering that besides the site design you also get a Premium theme + framework worth $89 this is exceptional value. You will receive an instant automatic download link right after the payment (no waiting time for emails etc.). The file includes all necessary files and VERY DETAILED instructions on how to upload and configure the site. Your job will be to 1) install the site, 2) change the logo/header depending on your own domain name/tagline and 3) configure your affiliates details. Our popular optional set-up service pack for point 1 (install the site) is of course available.

A complete, ready-to-run even without technical training, limited edition, professionally designed website — all set-up with the best affiliates programs and complete with a Premium Framework Theme (NOT a free theme) and best plugins.

PERSONAL USE – Please see ‘Know Your Rights’ (FAQ).

Requirements and skills necessary for Point 1 (Install the Site). YOUR HOST: your hosting account MUST support PHP5, MySQL4 and CPanel. YOU: From CPanel you will make a WordPress installation, upload/download files, import an sql database. We will also discuss how to safely backup your new site, so you will basically learn how to deploy/clone WP sites via browser only (a valuable skill by itself!). Inside WordPress, you will be using plugins, make several other changes etc. Nothing extremely difficult really, and as said everything is extremely well explained, but if you are not comfortable with this AT ALL or do not have the time, please purchase the service pack. Please note that we do not customize your affiliate details nor we register your name with them (Amazon, AdSense etc.).

Optional setup $25

Setup Service :
(Note: We do not install to non-CPanel hosting accounts).


Domain name w/suffix:
(Websites coupons should be entered BEFORE adding hosting to the cart).

affiliate turnkey websites

turnkey website for sale

turnkey website for sale