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The latest devices to stream audio and video content to your TV

Streaming media players store

Just Netflix and YouTube together make up half of all Internet traffic, chances are pretty much everyone you know is streaming content to their TVs, or intend to. There is and will be a huge demand for media streaming devices, accessories and content providers. This [Read more…]

Best electronics gift guide deals and ideas

Electronic gifts store

Your chance to become a real e-tailer with an outstanding real e-commerce site, promoting all electronics from Amazon ‘Electronic Gifts Guide’ page(s). The site has a real shopping cart which means that visitors get a 90-days cookie (instead of 24 hours like most Amazon affiliate [Read more…]


World News aggregator

One of our first automated aggregators and as such in need of a little makeover. In the end we have decided to take it further and pretty much redesigned the entire site from scratch (that’s why we have bumped the site up to show on [Read more…]



Authority aggregator about terrorism, security and all-things-related. Automatically syndicates news and insights about terrorist organizations, Western and Middle-East countries, terrorism facts and more. Very professional and somber look in 3-columns blog style layout. Multiple choices re:how to display the articles. Beautiful marquee style scrolling news [Read more…]


Music Search Engine

Your very own music search engine website that allows visitors to search for music, listen to it, see information and even download it. The website monetizes by displaying affiliate adverts such as AdSense and ClickBank. Fully mobile responsive, SEO optimized and powered by SoundCloud. This [Read more…]


Movie trailers automatic videos site (+cinema news)

Get into the lucrative movies industry with a video trailers site that tidily shows the latest and upcoming movies trailers and clips in the major films categories (which you can easily edit). We’ve got ‘latest’, ‘blockbusters’, ‘horror’, of course ‘sexy’… and more, all big magnets. [Read more…]


CATS, blog and products 2x automation

Fully automated website about cats: definitely a BIG site, with two automations, one pulling in articles from all the major blogs about cats (under this – or as an alternative to this – you can publish your own content if desired of course), the other [Read more…]


GAMBLING, casino and betting news

Big informational/news site publishing in real time all the news about gambling, poker, casino and sports spread betting. Hugely profitable niche. Opt-in box with TWO free ebooks to enhance conversions. The site monetizes with high-gravity ClickBanks adverts or you can use any affiliate programs in [Read more…]


Musical instruments megasite with 220 campaigns/menus

One of the biggest sites we’ve ever made: the main feature is in fact the enormous amount of content i.e. products being pulled in from Amazon: we have included ALL the musical instruments categories available, so there are about 220 (!) menu entries corresponding to [Read more…]

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Fitness technology gadgets

Fitness training gadgets (such as the trendy fitness bracelets and smartphone-powered tech) are one of the hottest trends and a site about this niche should be in every Internet marketer portfolio, also because fitness/health and technology are always highly profitable. The site is based on [Read more…]


Amazon’s best selling & new books in fiction

The site uses Amazon’s RSS real-time feeds to pull in all best sellers AND new publications, all related to the “fiction” genre. This could easily be changed any other literary category, so with just some quick clicks you could duplicate the site multiple times to [Read more…]


Fashion & Style trendsetting blogs aggregator

An elegant aggregator syndicating all the trendiest personal style and fashion blogs, with the potential to become very popular! Fully automated and very easy to use and especially customize since it only has static adverts, use any affiliate program you like. Very modern and minimalistic [Read more…]