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We are a dynamic and result-driven web design and hosting agency based in Europe. We specialize in web design and hosting for affiliate marketing and small businesses.

We offer:

  • business opportunities and web design for affiliate marketers;
  • web design for businesses, corporate sites etc.;
  • a large portfolio of custom or ready made websites;
  • website customization, installation, migration, adverts customization, on-page SEO, logo design etc.;
  • top quality connoisseur hosting;

With Ahead-hosting.com we create, host and support HIGH QUALITY websites
, either ready-made or custom-made. Your own online business with unlimited potential which you can run immediately after the purchase. We offer a growing selection mostly related to profitable niches and capable of generating profit through affiliate programs, advertisement and e-commerce, but also suitable for those not seeking monetization but in need of a easily customizable website at a fraction of the cost often necessary for a custom-made design. Most of our affiliate marketing sites run by themselves on auto-pilot and  require little maintenance. We do not sell ‘scripts’ or templates or show demos: all the sites shown are the actual sites for sale, which come with (or without) domain name/hosting, content, advertisement spaces and all the necessary plugins to make them ready to run (in fact they are already running).

We also specialize in hosting, and since traditional hosting companies fail to understand the needs of affiliate marketers (site optimization, SEO, Crontabs, syndication etc.), we’ve built a very special hosting service which is almost like having your own dedicated server at the cost of a shared hosting.

All our sites a__we-accept-paypalre designed with WordPress. We’ve chosen WordPress — the world’s most popular content management platform — because of its versatility, ease of use, high quality code, and SEO appeal. WordPress and a few free themes would be not quite enough to design beautiful and reliable websites, for this reason we also use the most updated and comprehensive commercial frameworks on the market, along with either paid or well supported free plugins. You can rest assured that your site will never break on you.


We work worldwide and consistently offer the best design, user experience, functionality and support available. Please feel free to contact us whatever your requirements may be.