Movie trailers automatic videos site (+cinema news)


Get into the lucrative movies industry with a video trailers site that tidily shows the latest and upcoming movies trailers and clips in the major films categories (which you can easily edit). We’ve got ‘latest’, ‘blockbusters’, ‘horror’, of course ‘sexy’… and more, all big magnets. Easy to navigate, the site updates itself from YouTube users’ playlists (which you can also edit). You do not have to do anything to keep the site updated, ideal for beginners. The site also automatically pulls in all the latest news re:cinema, films and celebrities. The site monetizes with ClickBank or any other affiliate program you may want to use (AdSense etc.). [Read more]

HIP HOP news/magazine megasite with Amazon products + Videos + 2x automation


Terrific hip hop aggregator website including rap, DJing, street art/graffiti, break-dancing and b-boying along with ‘large’ autoplay videos and a huge number of Amazon products to sell! New supercool ‘parallax scrolling’ layout for the most comprehensive authority magazine style site we’ve ever done. Basically, this site is awesome! Double automation, one to syndicate from over 75 sources (!), another to pull Amazon products in over 15 categories (more can be easily added). Over $300 of software come with the site along with comprehensive instructions for further customization, this makes this site a must for any ‘hip’ and trendy Internet marketer. [Read more]

Learn French x beginners video lessons


Get all French lessons for beginners, automatically! All videos play in a large popup lightbox, even better that watching on YouTube!
Brand new extremely attractive design made with a very powerful framework. Changing layout or even the entire topic is possible and very easy, so you could get your own network of TV style tutorials sites. Low price website ideal for newbies. [Read more]

Eurozone News


Elegant design with great homepage showing 4 featured videos, opt-in box, 50 headlines, and more videos all related to the Eurozone crisis and EU affairs. This is a super-hot niche right now (and very likely in the future) because of the Euro crisis, a highly followed topic not just from Europe. The site is fully mobile responsive so to look great on tablets, iPads and phones. YouTube videos play in a very elegant and large pop up lightbox. Overall a very easy to customize and maintain website ideal for beginners. [Read more]

Music CDs and videos


Beginners friendly WordPress website. Sell all the latest music CDs from Amazon and show new music videos every day in a fancy lightbox! Fully automated with WPRobot, entire site changes every day, ZERO maintenance! Site is fully mobile responsive so to look great on tablets, iPads and phones. ‘Call to Action’ opt-in box via Feedburner. Easy to customize to something entirely different if you want to! You can purchase the site in 4 options: with or without domain name/hosting and with/without WPRobot. Great way to get you started in affiliate marketing. [Read more]

Massage therapies


Includes 100s of videos, Amazon products and massaging tips. Very comprehensive three-colums design with all the possible massage techniques (27!). Videos and articles get updated automatically via WPRobot (over 30 different campaigns). Homepage changes every day and you do nothing to maintain the site! Custom designed header, opt-in box, social links, $90 WordPress framework, updates for life, SEO built in and comprehensive instructions. [Read more]

Workout TV


WORKOUT, fitness and exercise are all HIGHLY PROFITABLE niches! The site includes 100s of VIDEOS and FITNESS products! Dozens of ads perfectly mixed with the content. Fully automated with WPRobot, new homepage every day, including all the best seller fitness products from Amazon! ZERO maintenance site ideal for beginners. [Read more]

CPanel and hosting


With over 100,000 new domains registered every month, there is a huge demand for instructional sites related to the hosting niche, in particular how CPanel works. Hosting and CPanel free video lessons with hundreds of videos. Completely automated with the powerful WPRobot plugin — you do nothing to maintain the site! [Read more]

Yoga video lessons


Welcome to Yoga TV! Yoga free video lessons with hundreds of videos, for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Completely automated you do nothing to maintain the site! Make money with AdSense, Clickbank and Amazon Associates. [Read more]

Dating TV


Completely automated video blog about dating, covering all the possible topics, such as best advice & tips, techniques, mistakes, speed dating, gay, interracial dating, first dates and much more! Make money with affiliate marketing thanks to the dozens of CPC and CPA adverts throughout the site like AdSense, ClickBank, Amazon and LinkShare. [Read more]