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WINE news, reviews, videos and products 2x automation megasite


Wine is certainly an ever-green and important niche, so we’ve given extra attention to this project. The site has two automations. One pulls in Amazon products in the two main categories they have (wines + accessories, and related sub-categories) as well as videos. The second [Read more…]

Modern style contemporary design store


Elegant and fully customizable e-store with multiple new features. Hot ‘modern design and contemporary style’ niche. Featuring lock screen opt-in, newsletters integration, outstanding layout and graphics, completely customizable to cover any niche, 90-days cookies, multiple monetization including selling real products, elegant grid and catalog views, [Read more…]

Arts & Culture news + art gallery store (sell original Chagall, Warhol, Miro’, Dali, Lichtenstein etc.!)


Content syndication from all the major aspects of art and culture. Categories include Magazine (general arts news), Paintings, Design, Photography, Music, Theater, Cinema, Street art, Dance, Architecture, Art marketing and Art Reviews. Get terrific SEO and visitors interest all on autopilot. Integrated with five art [Read more…]