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Authority site about back pain and spine health, with an emphasis on inversion therapy. The site has two automations (one for content, another pulls in products from Amazon) but it is our only Amazon affiliate site that can be purchased even without WPRobot because it comes preloaded with 100 products already. Great layout and content, slideshow, videos, multiple categories, plenty of adverts, fully mobile responsive design and the latest code make this site a must in every affiliate marketer portfolio.


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Back pain is a big topic (keeps getting bigger, see Google Trends below) and a site about it should be in every Internet marketer portfolio. This particular site actually comes from personal experience with chronic and severe chronic back pain, which was eventually and quickly solved with inversion therapy.

This is why the site gives much emphasis on inversion tables (as well as other products of course). Untitled-1A quick search on Amazon revealed that most of these inversion therapy products have hundreds or even 1000s of reviews and are Amazon’s best sellers (because they indeed work). As a consequence the site should become profitable: even though there are many sites re:back pain, none of them specifically addresses how to solve the problem via inversion (which BTW is also used for other reasons, like meditation, relaxation, yoga etc.).

Obviously, first and foremost, the site is about back pain in general, so should you prefer not to stress inversion therapy as a healing method, it’d be just a matter of replacing the products in the slideshow and change the video to something else perhaps more generic (instructions included).

In fact, the site posts Amazon products also from their major ‘back pain’ categories (back braces, back massagers, lumbar support) and of course, being the niche so vast, many more could be added, such as ergonomic chairs for example (and tons of other products).

backpain-keywordsThe site also syndicates content i.e. articles from the major back pain sites on the Net. It’d be easy to replace these with your own content, if inclined to do so. As it is, the site posts articles/news and products from Amazon, all automatically.

 Syndicated content is done via the Autoblogged plugin which is always included with all our aggregators. Instructions included clearly explain how to customize the site (which also has plenty of static adverts – but not too many – to help with conversions) in order to replace the Amazon ID in each product already posted, with your ID.

As you can see from our trusted Micro Niche Finder screenshot, just like everything health-related, AdSense pays very well, up and over $10/click!! All those keywords get pulled in into the site from the syndication plugin and, of course, from Amazon descriptions and customers reviews. Graphically & technically the site is a beauty with our usual manic attention to details. Notice for example that we’ve added conditionals so that syndicated posts show the date (to show that the site is always current, visitors like that) whilst products do not (even in archive view), so visitors do not have the impression that products may not be recent.

Like all our automated aggregators, stories open at the originating site (default behaviour) or on site (one click setting). Notice that all external links are cloaked. Contact and privacy pages and social links icons complete the site. 

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