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Fully automated city (or county, countRy or even continents!) portal aggregators featuring multiple monetization and modern, fully mobile responsive design with stunning graphics, flights and hotels search, meetups, jobs, coupons, photo galleries, reviews, classifieds and much more! Huge profit potential that can be limitless multiplied simply duplicating the site to a different city, building your own network! Monetize with adverts, including Adsense, Amazon, ClickBank and especially Dohop (flights), HotelsCombined (hotels), Indeed (jobs) or directly (classifieds). Pull in content automatically from multiples sources to cover every aspect of the location, and/or if desired add your own content.

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Premium ready-made (or custom made) websites for Sale!

City portals

(This homepage is an example, scroll below to see the actual site for sale)


Truly outstanding fully automated city aggregator portal!

Multiple monetization and enormous profit potential!

Modern, fully mobile responsive design with  flights search box and many more features!

This is an important site with multiple monetization methods:

  1. The usual CPC & CPA major affiliates (AdSense, Amazon, Linkshare etc.).
  2. Dohop flights search.
  3. HotelsCombined.
  4. Indeed jobs search.
  5. Classifieds section can be switched from free to paid only (Paypal built-in).
  6. Given the nature of the site, other important affiliate programs can be added (Expedia, Ticketmaster etc.).
  7. Revenue can be multiplied with no limits simply duplicating the site to a different city in order to build your own network of cities portals.

The city portal website has been designed on the framework of our bestseller travel site, but with more features. Graphically, the site is very elegant and fully mobile responsive (looks good on mobile devices too, such as tablets and phones). The header also stands out because it beautifully integrates an animated real time weather gadget. This changes every hour reflecting the current local weather conditions. [apparently this plugin has been discontinued]. Thanks to this and the news aggregator plugin that powers the site, the homepage changes every day from top to bottom.

Content-wise, we have the usual categories that belong to a news aggregator, like (see menu under the header) News, Events, Buzz, Lifestyle (this one in particular is very comprehensive since it covers shopping, eating out, fashion etc.), Business, Entertainment, Sports etc.etc. (over 30 feeds updated daily).

In addition, the sites also features categories more specific to a city portal website aggregator, such as Flickr photos, coupons and deals for your city, jobs, meetups (again obviously specific to the city) and reviews of services and amenities in the city. In addition, we have a very powerful classifieds section that can be also monetized (now posting ads is free) not to mention the Jobs search which is monetized with

The Search/compare flights gadget has been perfectly integrated. It makes you money when visitors click on search results (Dohop bills their partner on a CPC basis, NOT on a sale basis), also notice the profitable hotels search gadget on every page.

Besides profiting from flights and hotel and jobs searches, and classifieds (if you want, maybe in the future, plugin comes with Paypal integration) of course the site has plenty of ads spaces (Amazon, AdSense, LinkShare, anyone you’d like really).

Other features (!) include Trulia (real estate), social links, a lovely opt-in box (you grab visitors emails and can also throw in some ads in the feed that Feedburner generates), and two further categories on the left sidebar (Happening now and Latest) that intentionally do not appear on the main menu.

As it is now the site headlines redirect all clicks to the original stories (in a new window of course) but this behavior can be changed with one click, i.e. open stories on site (full credit given). Even with all these (money making) features the site is a pleasure to visit both for both ‘locals’ and tourists because it offers plenty of interest and up-to-the-minute information.

Main Features (to recap):

  • Brand new ‘mobile responsive‘ theme (content and menus will look good on mobile devices).
  • Outstanding animated real time weather gadget.
  • Great integration with highly profitable Dohop (#1 in the travel industry). The integration is transparent so your visitors will think that your site is the actual flights search engine. Search results are shown on site and once visitors click, the link will open in a new window.
  • Also profitable Hotels search and Jobs search.
  • Unique categories such as meetups, coupons, photos gallery and reviews to add interest to the site.
  • Possibility to monetize the classifieds section.
  • Powerful syndication feature so that the site aggregates new content every day from multiple sources. This makes the site run on auto-pilot with no maintenance whatsoever from your side.
  • Prominent Subscribe opt-in box (via Feedburner so you get your visitors email addresses).
  • Social links (FB, Twitter etc.)
  • Elegant graphic and layout & brand new design. Big G loves modern sites made with the latest WordPress, plugins, mobile responsive commercial framework, SEO built-in, Google fonts, ever changing content and so on.
  • To monetize the site you need to sign up with Dohop and HotelsCombined and indeed at least. The site also has LinkShare, AdSense, Amazon etc. but you can use any affiliate you want.
  • Huge potential considering the small investment. Please notice that tons of million dollars websites on the Net are automated or semi-automated aggregators, or even aggregators of aggregators (Google & Yahoo News, Huffington Post, Topix, Popurls, Techmeme, YCombinator, AllTop, Fark, Digg and many more).
  • Site comes with instructions re:maintenance, installation, affiliate customization etc. and it runs by itself and is easy to work with (WordPress).

And you could even TAKE IT FURTHER! If you are a serious Internet marketer why not build your little empire of cities portals, all sharing the same outstanding features and potential!? See here for example – this customer even sells his own ads! Other customers prefer to resell their own portal for $5,000 instead… just thoughts!

THIS LISTING IS FOR ONE CITY as per banner/domain below, BUT WE HAVE DOZENS OF PORTALS! MANY CUSTOM MADE ON CUSTOMERS’ SPECIFICATIONS (see our custom portfolio HERE), many FOR SALE HERE. If the city (or country or region) that you want is not listed, contact us, if possible we will custom make it for you!

At the moment we also have (not shown on these pages) Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai, Tokyo, Rio, Dubai, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Moscow, Denver, Melbourne, Hawaii and probably others, including entire countries such as Malaysia for example. JUST ASK.

Web design evolves constantly (and quickly)! Even though our ‘City Portals’ project is not old, we can re-design a little the site of your choice to look even more modern. For example this is our last portal here. For a small fee (please inquiry) we can give to the site shown on this page a similar layout. 

Note: 1) Most automated sites are slowed down or paused, so sometimes they may seem not current. No reason to use precious bandwidth or create huge sites (that would take longer to backup/migrate, when necessary) while on display. Once you get your automated site, Cron jobs will be obviously un-paused. 2) With all our aggregators, with one click you can choose whether show the posts on site and give full credit to the original author/website at the bottom, or have the original stories open in a new window at the original site (default behavior).




Like all our sites THESE SITES SHOW UP QUICKLY on GOOGLE!! Our first portal (MIAMI), FOUR days old, no promotion at all obviously (except top-notch on-page SEO as usual), here it is coming out SIXTH out of 46 million RESULTS!!

And a hard one (London! 100 million results!), THREE days old –> Google homepage! (NOT promoted, no backlinks, no off-page SEO whatsoever yet).

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