Everything about videogaming, featuring 12 (!!!) AMAZON STORES!! Plus SMART ADS PLACEMENT, plenty of articles and ads, many more features and GORGEOUS DESIGN! An easy to use static site ideal for beginners, just customize the adverts and let it go.

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Premium Website Package For Sale!


The site is live and 100% functional, click link to view!




(Not to be worried! An illustrated guide on how to customize the Astores is included!)



Click inside, notice the sidebar with generic ads. Click Wii information, notice the ads are now all about Wii and nothing else! YOU CAN HAVE UNLIMITED AND TARGETED ADS PRECISELY RELATED TO ANY PAGE, CATEGORY OR EVEN SINGLE POST CONTENT! (The site comes with two sidebars pre-configured as shown. The instructions explain how to easily add more sidebars).


Notice how smoothly the three Amazon best sellers blend (can you spot them?) on the homepage, click and go buy them kids!


Modern and bold design well suited to a gaming site, with all the latest trends such as motion gaming, Nintendo 3ds, Microsoft Kinect, PSP GO etc.


Comprehensive website design with very elegant and detailed graphics, plenty of content, dozens of pictures, videos reviews, contact/privacy pages, and more!

READY TO RUN with ANY affiliate programs such as AdSense, Amazon, ClickBank, Chitika, AdBrite, Kontera, Infolinks… all of them!

Built-in and preconfigured auto-updating Amazon Store, start selling without keeping any inventory!

Like all our sites it comes ready to generate profit! Just customize your affiliate details and go! The site comes with comprehensive instructions on how to install and configure it.


Framework design, hooks, built-in SEO, built-in Google search, and more!

Like for ALL our WP designs we use different commercial (NOT freeware) Premium themes worth $89!

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If you pick the option "Website with domain name" you will get this terrific domain!
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Website with domain name

If you pick the option "website with domain name" (when available), you will GET THE ENTIRE HOSTED WEBSITE AS SHOWN, with domain name (see Description or click the Domain name tab on the left to see the domain for sale) and one month of free hosting.
Your job will be very simple: nothing to download or install. Just let us know your GoDaddy account at checkout and we will move the domain into your GoDaddy and send you an email with site details (login, instructions etc.). You will only need to customize the affiliate ads on site as explained in the instructions (if you add customization service at checkout we will do it for you). After one month you’re free to keep hosting with us (purchase from homepage) or go (no charge). Note: If you do not have a GoDaddy account please go there and open one, it’s quick and free. (A GoDaddy account is needed to gain ownership of the domain, not for hosting!).

Digital download

If you would like to USE YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME AND HOSTING you can purchase the website only, by choosing the Digital Download option. These are LIMITED EDITIONS of ~10...15 websites max (once sold out - rarely happens - the site will be redesigned). You will receive an instant automatic download link right after the payment (no waiting time for emails etc.). The file includes all the necessary files and VERY DETAILED instructions on how to upload and configure the site so that it will look exactly like the one depicted on this page. Your job will be to install the site and configure your affiliates details. If you prefer, our popular optional set-up service (with or without affiliate customization) is available at checkout.