Support, service and maintenance

From the Warrior Forum:
“I couldn’t recommend working with Ahead-hosting enough, as a business man myself I know a great service when I see one.”

“Support, support, support. I think that’s the name of the game. And that is what you are going to get along with a great site.”

1. New website?  Purchase our website INSTALL/migration/customization service here.
Purchase our website setup if you have also purchased a downloadable website design and wish us to install it (and/or customize the ads)  for you, or if you have purchased a site with domain name and want it to be moved to your hosting.

Website setup $25 (or $40 with affiliate customization)

Setup Service :
(Note: We do NOT install to non-CPanel hosting accounts, please do not purchase this service if your host does not have Cpanel).

Note: Remember to click w/affiliate if you want us to do the customization for you. We always recommend to do this yourself, this is why. Also if you only want customization (because the site is already up) you can just purchase ‘website setup’.


2. Already have a website?  Purchase our website MAINTENANCE service here.
No need to mention the great importance of having a site fully updated and as smooth and fast as possible, for best 1) search engines results 2) visitors experience and 3) to avoid the site slowing down or even go down and getting hacked, which may happen if the site is poorly maintained (especially with automated sites and particularly with aggregators).

This is a comprehensive service (only for websites designed by us) including whatever necessary for the site to run smoothly (or to make it run again if broken). Bulk deleting old posts/pictures, updating WP, themes and plugins, a thorough checkup, security patches or plugins, sql optimization etc. We can not give a full list since what we do obviously depends on what we find at login, but we take all the steps described here (which is quite a lot, don’t believe what the post says about “1 minute” :)
In some cases (if necessary) we may add caching and/or security.

As you can see below there is also an option to include affiliate work with the service. This roughly means that we can add, or remove, or replace/change, advertisement throughout the site.

Some customers ask for this service to be performed monthly but in fact, this is not necessary. 2/3 times a year would be sufficient, of course, again it all depends on the site.

After purchasing the service please make sure to send an email with your site(s) URL, WordPress login details to access the site(s) (username and password), and, if you host elsewhere, CPanel login details too (username and password). Obviously if you want affiliate work we also need your login details to your various affiliate admin panels.

Pick Website Maintenance $25 (or with affiliate work +$15 = $40 in cart) and indicate the quantity (how many websites you want to be serviced). If the site is only one and you think that we already have access to it, you may indicate the URL, otherwise please do not forget to send an email with all the details, as explained above.

Website Maintenance :
Site URL (optional):