Linux News Aggregator


Dozens of big companies develop and support Linux. Ubuntu alone, one of the many “distros”, runs on 12+ million computers. And besides computers, servers and 100s of supercomputers, Linux runs on billions of mobile phones and other mobile devices, and it’s been used for applications and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Amazon, and Google. The importance of Linux is enormous, and as a consequence, there are billions of dollars in the Linux “free & open source” industry. There are very few websites like this one. [Read more]

Fashion Shopping


Lovely design in a seldom seen, but obviously very profitable, niche such as fashion shopping capitals. As usual plenty of properly subdivided content and advertisement which do not overwhelm the visitor. Built-in and preconfigured auto-updating Amazon Stores, start selling without keeping any inventory! [Read more]

Classified Ads


After looking at both Google Trends and monthly searches, the original idea was to develop a site about Craigslist only, being so incredibly hot, then we have decided to also add eBay ads and a few others to make the site ever more complete. [Read more]



Gorgeous turnkey website about lotto and lottery guide and advice. OPT-IN BOX TO DOWNLOAD TWO FREE EBOOKS! [Read more]



Comprehensive website design with very elegant and detailed graphics, plenty of content, dozens of pictures, videos reviews, contact/privacy pages, and more!
READY TO RUN with ANY affiliate programs such as AdSense, Amazon, ClickBank, Chitika, AdBrite, Kontera, Infolinks… all of them!
Built-in and preconfigured auto-updating Amazon Store, start selling without keeping any inventory! [Read more]

Digital Trends

digital trends

DIGITAL TRENDS! What could possibly be hotter than this!? This site, entirely on autopilot, covers a HUGE variety of hot niches such as gaming, home theater, mobile, electronics, lifestyle, and much more (ten categories as it is, easily expandable). Just browse the site to have an idea. Like with all our designs, there is great attention to details and graphics, and all the popular affiliates are already pre-configured (AdSense, Amazon etc.). On top of that the site, which could be functional as it shows now (there are 220 posts already), is also boosted with the popular and powerful plugin WP Robot, which adds fresh content entirely on autopilot. [Read more]