Double automation. The site runs on two automation engines: WPRobot for the Kindle products (including the latest, like the Fire, and properly subdivided in subcategories for easy browsing) and a news aggregator engine for the forum. Both obviously bring fresh content to the site at intervals you specify. No maintenance is needed. The homepage gets updated every time WPRobot makes a new post, meaning all the products scroll down one position, and the newest products from Amazon are always on the homepage. [Read more]



A stunning integration of design and functionality with the popular & powerful WPRobot plugin being inventively used to pull content from Amazon automatically. The homepage keeps changing (at intervals that you specify) for the joy of visitors and Google, yet the design stays neat and balanced. This site is perfect for a beginner because you do literally nothing to maintain it. [Read more]



Unique Website For Sale!   Trendy Fashion The site is live and 100% functional, click link to view! – Gorgeous GRAPHICS, neat DESIGN and of course, HOT NICHE!! Smart Ads Placement and opt-in box to download a free e-book. HUGE CONTENT of over 120 quality articles. – Other features: READY TO RUN with ANY affiliate programs […] [Read more]

Internet Traffic

web traffic_

Elegant slideshow and opt-in box to download four web traffic related e-books. [Read more]


Golf and mini golf

Elegant website about all-things-golf. Plenty of articles, products and advertisement. Built-in and preconfigured auto-updating Amazon Store, start selling without keeping any inventory! [Read more]

Digital Trends

digital trends

DIGITAL TRENDS! What could possibly be hotter than this!? This site, entirely on autopilot, covers a HUGE variety of hot niches such as gaming, home theater, mobile, electronics, lifestyle, and much more (ten categories as it is, easily expandable). Just browse the site to have an idea. Like with all our designs, there is great attention to details and graphics, and all the popular affiliates are already pre-configured (AdSense, Amazon etc.). On top of that the site, which could be functional as it shows now (there are 220 posts already), is also boosted with the popular and powerful plugin WP Robot, which adds fresh content entirely on autopilot. [Read more]