How it works

In a few words (since on this site we already write a lot, surely too much!) how does all this work?

We basically offer three services: websites (either ready made or custom made, all made with WordPress, and mobile apps), website customization, and hosting (we recommend to host with us but it’s not mandatory). These services work in synergy which is what makes us the best choice for running online businesses.

Ready made websites:
All our ready made sites are meant for affiliate marketers; they all have adverts (e.g. AdSense etc.) and/or affiliate links to products for sale (e.g. Amazon, Clickbank etc.). When visitors click on the ads (CPC), or purchase a product following the affiliate link, you get a commission, directly from the publisher (none of these sites actually sell anything). They generally pay you via cheque, bank transfer or even Paypal, depending on the affiliate. What do you have to do to enjoy this passive income?

1) browsing from the ‘ready made sites‘ menu above, pick a site you like (we have more than 200 at the moment, all different!), purchase it, either with or without domain name. If you get the site with domain name, since all our domains are registered with Godaddy, you will need a Godaddy account to gain ownership of the domain. If you get the site without domain, i.e. a digital download, you will need to have your own domain (hosted somewhere already — or ask us to host it). There are no extra or hidden costs except of course 1) hosting (the first month is free!) and 2) renewing your domain name once a year (~$10, not with us, with Godaddy). Re:hosting, we recommend to stay with us, but you can move the site to your own host immediately or later, as you wish (instructions included).

2) sign up (if you haven’t already) with the major affiliate programs, as per above (AdSense, Amazon etc. but there’s tons of them, you can choose whatever you prefer). This is free of course.

3) customize the adverts/links on site following the instructions supplied with the site. Or ask us to do it using the ‘website setupcustomization service available from the top menu and from every sale page, which is one of the ‘three things’ that we offer as per above. Since all our sites are made with WordPress, the #1 CMS, they are easy to use. Besides, if you want, you can make modifications, or add functionalities (for example your own blog etc.), so even though we call these sites ‘ready made’ or turnkey (because they are), it does not mean that they are ‘untouchable’: in fact, you are very welcome to use them as they are, but also as a starting point to a more complex and personalized site.

4) promote the site in order to get traffic. This is something that we can not offer, simply because we do web design, not off page SEO. You can do this yourself, or outsource it. You can buy the best SEO Plans with Buy SEO Plans. Use the coupon code AHEAD and get 10% discount on each purchase.

Custom made websites:
These can be for affiliate marketers, or NOT: we’ve made corporate sites, e-commerce sites selling tangible items, blogs, portals, local directories etc. These sites, despite being made custom for you, generally cost very little, see more details from our custom sites information page. Obviously in order to have a custom site you need to get in touch with us via email and explain clearly and concisely what are your requirements.

This service is ‘similar’ to many other hosts on the Net, but not quite the same because specifically tailored to our sites and ideal for affiliate marketers. See our hosting page for more details on this.

This is just a quick ‘how does it work?’ explanation page, we have much more content in our blog and obviously in each of our sale pages. Please spend some time on this site browsing our offers and websites for sale. If you give us a try you will be pleased to find out that it is pretty obvious that we offer the best ready-made websites on the market, and that our pre/post sale support and service are second to none.