Replacing the ads in our designs, tips.

Some customers are worried that replacing the advertisement would be difficult. It is very well explained in the readme file which come with the site. Just follow the instructions and you will be fine.

Remember the ads are only in the sidebar, hooks and some pages.

Start with AdSense, locate our code (which is often AdSide but it’s the same), go to your AdSense, grab some ads (some size, colors etc. possibly), and replace it.

Then go to your Amazon Associates, built a new store, grab the code and replace the one in the store page.
Create a couple of carousels and replace the code in the other pages such as contact page etc.
For ClickBank, we use the first ads we find there, but to maximize conversions you should take your time researching on clickbank the products with highest gravity etc. Then replace the code.

Easy as that. You are supposed to do this quite often, especially with PPA products, to see which converts better and to give variety to the site. This is another reason why we prefer not to customize the code for you.


We’ve added an Affiliate customization service, so if you don’t want / can’t take care of that, we’ll do it! It is available from the homepage (Support&Service Tab) and includes everything (site installation or migration, setup, affiliate etc.).