Adding your own affiliate details to our sites? You can do it!

All our designs obviously come with advertisement. Ofter we receive a request to customize the affiliate details with your own. We always try to decline this request. There is more than one reason:

1) Privacy. To customize your details we need not just your affiliate ID, but full login to your affiliate panel, at least for Amazon and AdSense. The reason is that in these cases the ads are actually created within your affiliate panel, saved there, then the code is grabbed and pasted into the site. This has the advantage that if you want to change, say, how the Amazon store looks, or replace a few products, or want to add to an Amazon carousel the brand new (example) Chromium laptop or the Ipad 4 next year, you can do that easily at Amazon and all the changes will be reflected on the site. Same with AdSense, and of course, having all your ads stored at the affiliate site is also useful for tracking, statistics etc.

2) The second reason is clearly derived from the first: sooner or later you’ll have to change your ads, both because new products hit the market and also because any good Internet Marketer wants ads that convert well. There is no reason not to replace a low conversion ad with, say, the latest, brand new, high conversion ClickBank product. Obviously you can’t call us every time you need to change something. Also, please do not forget that our sites come with advertisement, yes, but this is not necessarily the best. We are designers, you are Internet Marketers, and probably know better than us which products offer a good conversion or profit. You do not have to necessarily promote the products or the affiliate programs that you find in the purchased site. Be creative, and as a consequence, also unique.

3) Third reason, affiliate customization is really easy, we always provide detailed instructions and of course, since all our sites are designed with WordPress, pretty much everyone, even without technical skills, can do it. (95% of the ads are within “widgets” in the “sidebar”, which means basically copy&paste, drag&drop, repeat until finished). Unfortunately, as easy as it is, it is also time consuming, and although we are offering an affiliate customization service at a very low cost, we have found that it is not convenient for us, hence the price will be raised (a bit) soon. Most of our clients have more than one website, which is another (financial) reason, to learn to customize the site yourself.

This doesn’t mean that, of course, if you decide to customize your affiliate details you will be left all by yourself. Again, it is not a big deal, but in case you get stuck or have a doubt during the process, we will be glad to help and answer your questions just like we do for every other aspect of your website maintenance.