Besides affiliate marketing and turnkey sites, we also design unique websites for businesses. These generally do not feature advertisement and are not ‘profit-makers’, of if they are, they monetize via real sales/ecommerce rather than affiliate marketing.

We go from lingerie, to gardening, to insurance agents or any other type of corporate sites. These are generally new designs from scratch but also, often, a re-design of an existing site (SEE HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SITE REDESIGN).

2Most of these clients come to use after they’re being asked thousands of dollars for website development, and are amazed that this service (in most cases) still costs as little as $150. In return for this low price we only ask to be as much clear as you can with your request, keep the thread in all your emails, and supply content (text and graphic) when required.


Now this is a bit strange but it happens. We have customers who are web developers themselves, but prefer to outsource to us the design of a site for their customers. These are the guys who often charge the thousands of dollars mentioned above, and that would be perfectly capable of building a site, but for lack of time or commitment or other reasons they prefer someone else to do the job (they make a big profit anyway). 4We don’t care if you pay us $150 and ask $1,000 to your customer, outsourcing to us is always welcome, in addition we enjoy dealing with technically skilled persons so our job is even easier.

3A final note about phone/chat support: there isn’t any! We prefer emails to phone calls or chat, we already have little time, and email support has turned out to be much more efficient and less time consuming & concentration breaking. We are on London GMT time but work at late hours in order to be as much responsive as possible also with customers overseas.