Site redesign and modernization

Besides building sites from scratch, we also re-design existing sites. We often do this with corporate and business sites. The ‘modernization’ is obviously evident visiting the site, but a big part of it is from ‘behind the scenes’, i.e. adding a CMS (WordPress), SEO and various optimizations etc.etc. We can also add socials, a blog section, mobile responsiveness, a portfolio, e-commerce, opt-in box or call to action, slideshow etc. etc.

We do this smoothly (no downtime for your site) and we only require the necessary new materials when desired (new pictures etc.). A job like the one below took only a few days and a very small investment. Client is now happy not only because of the much needed new look but also because he can manage the site himself since WordPress is so easy to use.

BEFORE:oldbarak copy



newbarak copy