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Amazon Associates banned states: not a problem!


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Those living in one of the states where the Amazon Associates program is banned (residents of Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Connecticut) surely know that they are ineligible to participate in Amazon’s affiliate program. As a consequence, they can not purchase any of our sites running WPRobot because the Amazon products posted will not earn them any profit. (This is not a problem with sites not automated with WPRobot, i.e. websites with normal ads, since Amazon ads on these sites can be replaced with any other affiliate program ads).

However, there is a brilliant solution that allows anyone, resident in any state or country in the world, to enjoy Amazon and thousands of other affiliate programs (even eBay) without even joining them. (This solution also works for those who do not get approved or get kicked out from Amazon Associates, Adsense or pretty much any major affiliate program).

All you need to do is sign up with Viglink and install their little code snippet on your site, and a WordPress plugin. This clever program intercepts all links from your site(s) to the various affiliate programs, products or whatever. If the destination link URL is from one of Viglink’s merchants, you will earn the commission. It does not matter if your link has an affiliate ID or not in it. So for example if you make a post that says, looks at this cool watch from Amazon, and ‘watch’ has a link to the standard sale page at Amazon, you automatically make a profit if your visitors make a purchase (more exactly, Viglink make a profit which they then share with you).

Since Viglink affiliates with over 30,000 sites, including Amazon, you don’t even need to sign up with Amazon (or any other of the 30,000+ merchants) in order to monetize your site(s). It does not matter if you live in a banned state. Viglink takes 25% of your commissions, that’s how they make money. On the other hand, first, better than nothing, second, since they are big of course, they enjoy the top tier commission from Amazon (8+%) whereas you, as a simple affiliate, wouldn’t. So at the end of the day you would probably make the same money.

We are not associated or affiliated with Viglink, this post is just a suggestion since we keep getting emails from those living in the banned states. We recommend to visit their site and learn more about their program.


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