Earning with Amazon

The picture below (right click -> open in new tab, or right click -> view image to see full size) shows our own Amazon earnings since April (to May 17th, day before yesterday). As you can see, it is $160.93 so no one is getting rich in a month here, but 1) this is just from one site (Survivalism, as you can see from the products sold) and 2) without any promotion (it’s the site that we have for sale) and 3) that’s only one of the affiliate programs on site.

If you even make only $200 from one site (Amazon sales + other ads), you can make much more if you promote it (and earning from CPC ads rather than Amazon is much easier). In any case, the little money invested in purchasing the site will get back into your pockets pretty soon, and making a nice and consistent monthly income only becomes a matter of running more than one site.

Anyone can earn with Amazon. If you live in one of those states where Amazon Associates is banned please see this post.