Wp-login access disabled

For security reasons, and to avoid performance degradation, we have disabled WordPress admin login server wide.
To be able to access yoursite/wp-admin please drop us an email (info@ahead-hosting.com) with your IP address, and we will whitelist it.

To find your IP address simply google the phrase: find my ip   (or go here).

Having your wp-admin inaccessible to everyone but you is a great security measure, because there is no way intruders can login into your site. It also mitigates brute-force attacks commonly hitting wp-login.php, which degrade performance.

This could be a temporary (since security threat is very high at the moment) or permanent measure. As always, we update on Twitter, so please keep an eye on it for further updates.

JULY 21st UPDATE : access to wp-admin has been restored since there are no more security threats or attacks.