Major e-commerce update for

If you browse our site regularly you will notice that we have given a big makeover to our on-line shopping functionalities. We have upgraded to the most famous e-commerce plugin for WordPress, which is of course WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is so important (1/2 million websites use it, some of them really BIG), that the WordPress guys bought it a few months ago. Not a silly move since WooCommerce is one of those so-called ‘free’ plugins which actually requires some quite expensive add-ons to fully unleash its power. However, even with a few paid extras, it is still worth it.

WooCommerce is also quite complex to configure, especially when – like in our case – you don’t start from scratch but switch from one e-commerce solution, used for years, to a different one. In fact, the change has taken several weeks of hard work (and it’s not even finished yet, more features down the road). Our main problem has been the complexity of our inventory, which – albeit small (there are many WooCommerce websites with tens of thousands products) – has websites for sale with or without domain name, digital downloads (or not), multiple services, “variations”, a double stock for each ‘product’, encrypted downloads via Amazon cloud, etc. etc.

As you can see if you browse the site, we have also added many features such as a wishlists (‘Save for later’), inquiry form on each sale page, new ‘special offers‘ management, lots of customizations such as special tabs, in cart cross-sells, up-sells in product view, add-on services in cart, price filters, special search, cart-in-top-menu, on-sale widgets, currencies and many other features (mostly “under the hood” of course) that we cannot even remember.

We’re still tweaking the site but we believe that your shopping experience will be greatly improved (especially because, while working at the inventory, we have lowered many prices, as well as offering less options, for a more streamlined shopping experience).

However, the second (or perhaps the first!) reason for this post is to announce that, of course, we are (we already were, but now more than ever) WooCommerce ‘specialists’, and we will be happy to design a real e-commerce website for you. With WooCommerce you can sell anything (that means physical, digital and affiliate products, in fact, many of our affiliates websites use WC) but more importantly, with a smoothness (from the admin side) that makes to be selling ‘something’ a real pleasure (if you are into online sales, you understand what we mean).

Please bear with us if something does not work as it should right now (we believe it does, but as said we’re still tweaking). In the next few days/weeks we will be adding even more features such as probably more payment gateways, a new mobile app for, dynamic pricing, conditional content, customized emails, new RSS feed, perhaps reviews etc. etc.