How to get approved by Adsense and other affiliate programs

Our websites come with a number of adverts that obviously need to be customized with your own affiliate programs code. In order to do so you need to sign up with them and get approved. This could be easy or hard depending on the program and on the kind of site. There are several ‘we-approve-everyone’ programs (both CPC and CPA) such as Chitika, ClickBank, Linkshare, CJ and many many others. In fact, this choice leaves us with two of the most important which are Amazon Associates and Google Adsense.

Amazon Associates is the easiest. You can submit any of our sites with the exception of those which are pure Amazon Associates stores i.e. made exclusively of Amazon products. So for example a ‘San Diego news’ aggregator would be approved, a site made exclusively of Amazon sunglasses would probably not. We recommend, before submitting the site, to remove all adverts, and of course, particularly those from Amazon, since no one would be so incautious to seek approval for a new affiliate program with its very adverts already on it (this advice is valid for any affiliate program of course). Once you get approved, you will then be able to add Amazon adverts and Amazon products with your affiliate link to any of the sites being offered here.

Adsense is harder. According to their policy, in order to get approved a site requires ‘unique compelling and useful content’, not look like an ‘ads farm’, have no more than 3 Youtube videos and so on. That’s because they want to make the Internet ‘a better place’, so according to them every website should be the next Wikipedia. Never mind that some of the biggest websites out there do not have a line of original content (for example, Technorati, Topix, Popurls, Techmeme, Alltop, Slashdot, Digg, Drudgereport,, Newser, Realclearpolitics, YCombinator, Fark,, and of course Google News itself, Yahoo News and tons of other very trafficked autoblogs making thousands of dollars a month with Adsense).

Having said that, we know for a fact that a large number of our customers have been approved submitting one of our sites but, it is also true that some have not been approved. (It appears that often it depends on the guy who checks the site). We recommend to do the following (which is also valid for Amazon above, of course):

  • Get a new domain from Godaddy, even a $1.99 .info will do.
  • Host it (with us you can host any number of website with one hosting account), install WordPress and make a simple website using a free theme. You will then add a dozen posts about anything really, make a site about your hobby, your job, your holidays, review restaurants where you go etc. In fact, even a single landing page about your best BBQ sauce recipe will do. Add a few unique pictures etc. If you are really lazy or technically challenged, ask someone on Fiverr, there’s plenty of people from low economy countries willing to install WordPress, and many other willing to write 5 unique articles for $5. Go to Copyscape and verify that the content is unique. Make sure that you have a privacy page and a cookie warning, in other words make sure that the site complies with all their requirements (here). Of course, do not add any adverts from other affiliate programs.
  • Submit the site to Adsense, get approved, then place their ads onto any of your sites.

How to stay approved. Adsense take pride in banning thousands of websites each week. In order to stay approved we recommend to keep a ‘low profile’. For example, even though all our sites are just informational websites and family friendly, some of them (cannabis, sex toys, gambling, quit smoking etc.) may trigger Google robots. So do not add Adsense to this kind of sites. In the meanwhile you might as well work at a plan B, which is creating another Adsense account (use your wife’s bank account, a different IP, a different email, and of course a different website). This way if you get kicked out, you will only need to replace the adverts.

There is also a plan C: In the unlikely event that the recommendation above fails, keep in mind that Adsense is only one of the dozens of CPC affiliate programs available, so do not make a tragedy and just use another, such as Chitika, Infolinks etc., or focus on CPA programs, such as ClickBank, Linkshare, ShareASale etc.