One day with Amazon Associates….

The image below (click to enlarge) shows an earning from our own Amazon Associates account for one random day (today, July 19th).

As you can see, it is only $12 – which won’t make anyone rich! – BUT, this is from ONE of our sites for sale (recipes/weight loss), which (like all our sites for sale) is not promoted at all yet. (This site also has several other affiliate programs – CPC, even easier than CPA i.e. Amazon – which  have probably generated further income. Also notice that this particular site has 24-hours Amazon cookies, we have many with 90-days cookies – do the math yourself).

Anyway, this is just an example. Multiply this earning x30 days, add a few more sites to your portfolio, and spend a little time to create some traffic (which is not hard via social pages, seo etc.), and you will see how you can easily make a very decent monthly income with almost no investment (and very little work!).