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Optimize your WordPress site and improve loading speed!

For better results (SERP) with search engines, and also of course for a better visitors experience, we recommend – once your site will be ready, configured, ecommerce (if any) tested – to install a CACHE plugin.   The easiest to use is Quick Cache by PrimoThemes, since almost all the options are already configured and…

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Fancy a chat???

You asked, we listened!!     Starting today you can chat LIVE with us! Just watch for the tiny icon in the lower right corner.     (If there is no icon it means there is no one available so please try again a little later or just send an email as usual. If your…

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Two new brand new aggregators sites! Could be a bargain!!

There are a couple of auctions on Flippa for two very beautiful new aggregators fully automated websites. Since they’re ending soon and there is NO reserve on both (starting at just $1), it could be a good chance to grab a bargain!!   Celebrities News: (direct link to the site)   Social Networking News: (direct…

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Improve your SERP ranking easily with any of our themes

Many of our customers keep asking how to improve their search engines results. There are many methods of course, but with all our designs, thanks to the great SEO functions built in, one great way to improve ranking is editing every (well.. as many as you can!) post and page on the site and adding…

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WordPress 3.2 just announced, please update with caution!

WordPress 3.2 has been announced yesterday 4th of July. This major release introduces many new changes and interesting features, our first concern is of course compatibility. We have found out so far that the popular plugin that we use with our Aggregators sites (News etc.) is NOT compatible with this release, so those using Syndicated…

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Social Networking News! Fantastic FULLY AUTOMATED news aggregator website!!

We’ve just finished a completely automated, highly customizable, WordPress based social networking news aggregator site with outstanding design, innovative advertising and incredible potential. AUTOMATICALLY pick the best and latest news about social networks from the most important social media blogs worldwide and show them on the MASSIVE homepage which constantly changes. Check it out here!!

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