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Upcoming websites

The new technology news aggregator is available (with improved graphics, functionality and even animated header) and open to offers. – Staying in the aggregators niche, still to come are CELEBRITIES and MOVIES, which also will be likely to be auctioned.

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Upcoming news

– We will be closed for a summer break from 9 to 16 June 2011. – You can purchase websites without domain name (Choice “B” in most sale pages) since these are automatic downloads. – Orders of websites with domain name, bespoke sites, hosting and support emails will be processed after the 16th. – Sorry…

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New customization service!

With the jobs search portal we have started a new customization service that we hope will be included with other future sites, whenever possible. This is not just a simple “different graphics or content” re-design to customize a site and make it more unique. Besides that, we would also like to add – at a…

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How to move WordPress from local (wamp) to a live server

  This video is about how to move a local (Wamp) WordPress site to a live server. Very similar technique can be used to move a live WP site to another host (or to Wamp!), so it should be of interest to a vast audience. (Notice at 3:13 when it says that you have to…

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