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Adding your own affiliate details to our sites? You can do it!

All our designs obviously come with advertisement. Ofter we receive a request to customize the affiliate details with your own. We always try to decline this request. There is more than one reason: 1) Privacy. To customize your details we need not just your affiliate ID, but full login to your affiliate panel, at least for Amazon and AdSense. The reason is that in these cases the ads are actually created within your affiliate panel, saved there, […]

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How to move WordPress from local (wamp) to a live server

  This video is about how to move a local (Wamp) WordPress site to a live server. Very similar technique can be used to move a live WP site to another host (or to Wamp!), so it should be of interest to a vast audience. (Notice at 3:13 when it says that you have to copy and paste the sql database in a txt file, because saving the database is not possible, that’s a mistake, it was […]

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Replacing the ads in our designs, tips.

Some customers are worried that replacing the advertisement would be difficult. It is very well explained in the readme file which come with the site. Just follow the instructions and you will be fine. Remember the ads are only in the sidebar, hooks and some pages. Start with AdSense, locate our code (which is often AdSide but it’s the same), go to your AdSense, grab some ads (some size, colors etc. possibly), and replace it. Then go […]

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Biz Opps & Classifieds – good for anything!

Just to announce that the new Biz Opps site is out, and to repeat that those with a minimum of experience in WordPress can use the site with, in fact, ANY classified ads niche. The entry form can be easily customized in any way you like! You can add any sort of fields, checkboxes, drop-down menus, pre-populated fields, custom fields, conditional fields, and more. You can use this site with any kind of niche specific classifieds, such […]

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