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Note about AdSense in our designs

We are in the process of replacing the AdSense code within our sites with different “ads” (graphic elements or PPC affiliate programs), because some customers find confusing replacing an AdSense code with another, others can’t remember if they replaced the code or not, thus leaving ours for ever etc. This website’s design is therefore likely…

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What do I get?

Sometimes visitors would like to purchase a downloadable website but wonder what they’re exactly gonna get. When you purchase a package (= a downloadable website) it comes as a zip file containing all the files necessary to restore the site, plus readme instructions on how restore and customize the site, plus generally some graphic elements in…

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Enhanced SEO

Our websites come search engines optimized, but you should always try to make SEO more effective within the site. Luckily this is possible just tweaking the SEO settings within every single page (or category or post) on the site. For example in our Cameras site, if there is page exclusively related to Nikon, you can…

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