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Best practices for our 2x automation websites

We have many websites with double automation, one for syndicated content, the other to pull in Amazon products. So far we’ve suggested (in the instructions that come will all out sites) to use Cron for syndicated content (generally we recommend to update 2-3 times a week), and space the WPRobot campaigns update interval evenly in…

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Easy and comprehensive WordPress manual

When we get asked how to learn WordPress, we generally redirect these requests to the official documentation online (here), but there is a better (also free of course) user guide available in pdf format here. This guide goes straight to the point (how to add content, difference between posts and pages etc. etc.) and it…

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Small problem with some adverts in older designs

This is just a heads up. Some of our older designs, especially those with static content, when purchased as digital downloads come with some adverts from Adside, a company that we now believe has closed. The ads look like: <script type=”text/javascript”>     doclix_pid = 17597;     doclix_cid = 5311;     doclix_w = 600;     doclix_h…

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Make sure your GoDaddy details are correct!

Every time a site with domain name is sold, we need your GoDaddy account number, in order to push the domain into your account. Unfortunately quite often, these GoDaddy accounts are brand new, and the push does not go through simply because your contact details are either wrong or missing. Your GoDaddy account has a…

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We also accept Bitcoins!

*** UPDATE JULY 2015: We now accept Bitcoin at checkout! ***   Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. We still prefer Paypal (or your credit card via Paypal, there is no need to be registered with them), but… NO Paypal, NO credit cards? NO problems!…

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