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How to fix our movie trailers site

If you have purchased our movie trailers website, you may have noticed that trailers don’t show anymore. To fix this you need to: 1) Update the site to the latest WP, plugins etc. including of course the video trailers plugin. 2) Open all pages related to the various film categories, as per top menu (Pages>AllPages>Edit).…

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.XYZ suffix available

We love the new bold, fresh, short and memorable .XYZ domain extensions, which allow to purchase top choice domain names. For example we just got for our popular casino and gambling site (here). .XYZ is good for any kind of niche and topic, individual or organizations, does not have label or language limitations, it…

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Health news aggregator completely redesigned!

We keep redesigning our best sellers, adding features, mobile responsiveness when necessary, and brand new layouts with the latest code available. We have just completed one of our most powerful aggregators, the Health News. This is a very profitable niche so we’ve taken extra steps (such as pushing the number of sources to the limits…

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No need to repeat here the rather long description from the sale page, we’ve just made a very beautiful drones (quadcopters) and aerial photography e-commerce site which, given the incredible growth of this new multi-million dollars industry, is capable to become a big money maker. Check out the site here!

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Accidents, Disabilities & Personal Injuries hugely profitable site NOW REDESIGNED FROM SCRATCH!

One of our highest earners (with AdSense paying up to $200 per click), the Accidents and Disabilities aggregator, has been redesigned to be mobile friendly — and many more features, check it out here. The site is about Personal Injuries and Compensation, Disabilities, Medical Malpractice, Traffic Accidents, Industrial & Workplace Diseases, Accident Claims, Legal News,…

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FOREX site redesigned!

One of our best-sellers, the Forex turnkey site, has been redesigned to be mobile friendly — and many more features, check it out here. If interested in the investment niche (one of the highest earning opportunities for Internet marketers), also have a look at our Investing/Financial aggregator here (more complex and comprehensive than the Forex…

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