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Affiliate Marketing Guides

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Completely self-automated aggregator website about the extremely profitable Affiliate Marketing niche. Fully automated pulling in fresh headlines every day with no maintenance. Great potential to become a true authority website in the super-hot affiliate marketing niche.

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Affiliate Marketing Guides

The site is live and 100% functional, click link to view!

Affilate Guides

HUGELY profitable niche!

Entirely Automatic Aggregator Site

The site is related to: News and Information about Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is an evergreen and trully profitable niche and an aggregator has low competition and huge potential.

News, tips, profitable niches, affiliate networks, product reviews, sales and marketing, guides, tools and more.

Picture below shows the popularity of affiliate marketing worldwide


In order to differentiate the site from other sites in the same niche(s) we have worked hard to make the site worth visitors (and Google) attention. Among the many features: mobile responsive magazine style design, not overcrowded with ads, and, since the site is an automated aggregator pulling in content from ~ 70 websites, plenty to read.

You can use any affiliate program you like, not necessarily the same ads that we have used, which are just examples, it’s simply a matter of replacing the code. As usual everything is clearly explained in the instructions. If you feel that the site would benefit from some changes (different layout or behavior, different or more categories, new header, or more features) just let us know and we’ll help (for free or for a fee depending on what you’d like).

This site could become very profitable hence it deserves all the attention you can give to it.


Notice about automated websites

1) Most automated sites are slowed down or paused in order to save resources. Once you get your automated site, Cron jobs will be obviously un-paused and posts will be current.

2) With aggregators, you can choose whether to show posts on site, or have the original stories open in a new window at the original site (default behavior).

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