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Huge authority site about all things Africa! Beautiful magazine style site syndicating over 120 sources with many cool features such as live TV, flights/hotels/car rentals search box, general and country specific news, multiple categories from business to travel to health and politics. Includes a classifieds section and even a personal blog section. Made with WordPress so it’s easy to change/add/curate the content (if you want to!). Anyone can own and run this site, no need to know anything about Africa.


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Africa News

You do NOT need to live or know anything about Africa! Anyone, from any country, can run this site.

The site is fully functional, click pic to visit! (automation might have been slowed down).

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Extremely comprehensive magazine style ‘news aggregator’ automatically syndicating from over 120 sources. Obviously a very important site since it’s about an entire huge continent with over 1 billion people, therefore interest is enormous. The site is slightly similar to our successful Arabs news magazine, but with more features, such as the prominent flights/hotels/car rentals search box (affiliated with dohop), a classifieds section and even a static section for your own blog or insights (visible under ‘Opinion‘, this could be obviously renamed or even removed it not desired).

The site is structured with two rows of menus, the first with all the news and various categories such as politics, business, travel etc. The second menu has some of the major African countries (especially those where English is the official language), these entries can be edited i.e. you can add other countries or remove those already there. All these little changes (which are not mandatory of course) are easy to do thanks to the most comprehensive instructions we’ve ever written so far. Notice that the news from ‘Latest News’ are NOT the same news from under each country, since we’ve done a lot of research and homework to make the site as comprehensive and interesting as possible, so ‘latest news’ is related to Africa news in general, whereas the others are strictly country-specific.

A site like this could become a real authority site, not just because of such large interest but also because we couldn’t find similar sites. Anyone can own and run this site, but if you have an interest and knowledge in African culture you could easily give the site your own inclination thanks to the included blog section (or you could even curate the excerpts). Notice that like all our aggregators, articles can be shown at the originating site in a new window (default behavior) or entirely on site (one-click setting, no need to repost).

Monetization is via the flights/hotels/cars search, which makes money when visitors click on search results (Dohop bills their partner on a CPC basis, NOT on a sale basis – read the ‘How Much Can You Earn?’ paragraph), plus as you can see the homepage has five or six adverts (more can be added, but as always we suggest to not overdo) and there’s also room in the footer for four widgets, which haven’t been used yet. There’s also Infolinks (those cute double underlined words) and the Classifieds section could be set to paid instead of free. As you can see from the screenshot above the homepage is enormous but the site loads quickly thanks to the latest code and other tricks, if desired a cache could be installed to make it even faster.

The site has taken ages to make, with the usual maniacal attention to details, for example the Live TV can be set to autoplay or not, contact page, privacy page, social media icons are all present. Notice that when clicking on ‘Opinion’ (the blog section), the right sidebar content changes, this has been done so that it does not show headlines from the same category ‘opinion’, to avoid double posts on the same page. You could take this further (clearly explained how to in the instructions) creating a different sidebar – with different content – for each page or category. So for example when visitors click on Egypt, they could see adverts or other content strictly related to Egypt.

Graphically the site is very modern and clean (especially for a busy magazine style site), with a new design and theme using the latest code available with full HTML5 markup (Google loves this stuff). Also SEO is built in, fast loading, self updating, fully mobile responsive, and almost $150 of licensed software  with free updates for life.

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