Aromatherapy (Amazon e-store)


A complete aromatheraphy e-store (easily changeable to different products, if you want!). Sell multiple products at once with your own ON-SITE SHOPPING CART, plus also benefit from 90-days cookies instead of 1-day. A WISHLIST is also included. Impress your visitors with PRODUCT VARIATIONS just like the big e-tailers! Special widgets such as filter by price, layered nav, Ajax dynamic search will make for a great shopping experience for your visitors and your store on par with the major e-tailers.

Become a REAL e-tailer with our ULTIMATE e-store! A NEW WAY to build a store, any niche possible, great biz opp and TOP profit potential!

Aromatherapy e-store



  • 90-DAYS Amazon cookies and ON SITE shopping cart: introducing the NEW and MOST PROFITABLE way to build Amazon Associates stores… like REAL STORES! You could even sell your OWN products, no changes required!
  • Decide what to sell, pick the products that you want; show best sellers, items on sale, latest arrivals, show by price or brand… any possible combination. Your inventory will be daily updated automatically!!
  • PRODUCTS VARIATIONS and special features such as filter by price, layered nav, Ajax dynamic search make the entire shopping experience absolutely delightful and your store on par with the major e-tailers.
  • Amazing fully mobile responsive design with BIG PICTURES (automatic, no editing required) and a never seen before perfect INTEGRATION between theme, shopping cart plugin and Amazon plugin! The site also includes a BLOG section for you to add your own content and articles (if you want to).

Features list:

  • e-commerce works with either affiliate products (Amazon sells and ships, you get a commission) OR even with real physical products (sold and shipped by you).
  • on-site shopping cart, get commissions for multiple items at once!
  • 90-days Amazon cookie instead of a 24-hours window – earning potential fully maximized.
  • create your store like a real store, this feature is NOT automated: you can pick any products you want!
  • unique features such as: – possible layered nav – user selectable product variations (colors, size etc.) – possible price filters – Ajax search (no need to click ‘search’ just enter a term or part of it – images galleries related products wishlists reviews will greatly enhance your visitors’ shopping experience.
  • Cron to keep your inventory up-to-date.
  • outstanding integration between theme, shopping cart plugin and Amazon plugin.
  • works with Amazon USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, China, Italy, Spain and India.
  • very detailed customization instructions
  • the only requirement is that SOAP and cURL extensions must be installed/enabled on your server (most hosts including ourselves install these by default but ask yours if in doubt because a few don’t).
  • not just AROMATHERAPY..! Want to change shop? With minimum technical skills and thanks to our clear instructions, if you want you can change (or duplicate to another domain) your e-store site to sell anything that Amazon sells!

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