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Give coupons and best deals hunters a break offering them a single and constantly updated membership website aggregating all the best and latest coupons and deals on the Internet. Double monetization: make money selling memberships and through affiliate adverts. No maintenance necessary since the site runs entirely by itself!

Premium Ready made Website For Sale!

Coupons & Deals Aggregator Membership website


Hugely profitable DOUBLE MONETIZATION site!

Sell memberships   profit from ads

Publish 100s of coupons every day ENTIRELY ON AUTOPILOT!

Coupons have always been extremely popular even before the economic crunch. Now of course it is an hotter than ever business (there’s always over 100,000 coupons for sale on eBay only), and probably many of you have given some thought to having a coupons site. There are several out there, many beautiful and high ranking. Most of them are in the ‘Mums’ category. Names are always, like, coupons mum, frugal mommy, deal-icious mum, freebies momma and so on. They make money using their affiliate ID into their coupon links to the vendors. They compete against each other to the latest and best freebie. And that’s exactly the problem: to be on top of the game, one must add the latest and greatest deals every single day, meaning a life draining, full time job in front of a screen.

So, our challenge was to design a website, capable of offering the same good content (possibly better) and making the same money (possibly more) BUT, without wasting ONE minute of your time, ever. We’ve accomplished all this with a deals aggregator (‘on steroids’) w/membership design (multi-million dollars aggregators like GroupOn and RetailMeNot work similarly). The site syndicates daily the best coupons sites (changing/adding more takes one mouse click), publishing several hundreds of new coupons automatically (95% of them with pictures) at each refresh.

Coupons hunters, used to spend hours online seeking the best deals, will be happy to see that they can get the best coupons on the net from just one site, in the true ‘filtering through the noise’ aggregator spirit. They will be also glad to belong to a membership site, with 100s of pages of fresh content and the latest deals, that they can join for just a few dollars (an see the content easily via browsing, search box or tags cloud). People love membership sites, especially when professionally designed. Registration, emails etc. are also entirely automatic. So YOU are also happy because you make a profit with each membership and also, of course, with CPC and CPA ads.

There are two high paying (because usually $$$ related) Adsense banners on the homepage, two others on every internal page plus a bunch of ads throughout the site.

So once again: content, automatic. E-commerce and membership: automatic. Cost: nothing but the hosting. Maintenance: zero. Does the site use any hard-to-use coupons plugin? Nope. So, ideal for beginners and busy Internet Marketers.

GIVE IT A TRY!! The site looks simple and easy but it’s been a bit of a challenge to setup, between syndication, membership, e-commerce and all those neat, ever-changing graphics (the hard part when working with robots). Notice that visitors need to login to see the coupons, but are able to see pictures and titles without paying. If you would like to give the site a try, you can either click Join Us and buy a membership OR click Login and use the word: demo2 as both username and password ? Of course this way you save the money but won’t be able to see the Paypal transaction and welcome email etc. that actual members receive.

The site is fully customizable as explained in the instructions. Not only layout and graphics but also membership levels, periods and price of course (you can even add a free membership level in case you prefer to monetize from ads only and build a massive mailing list for example). The site is built with WordPress, meaning it’s very easy to modify, you can add a blog, your own coupons posts, new pages of content and so on. Just ideas!-updates

The site is optimized for SEO without any plugin and uses a commercial theme worth $89 with free updates for life (including SEO functions). Very fast and modern code fully updated to the latest WordPress 3.2x, and our usual fanatical attention to every detail.


Notice about automated websites

1) Most automated sites are slowed down or paused in order to save resources. Once you get your automated site, Cron jobs will be obviously un-paused and posts will be current.

2) With aggregators, you can choose whether to show posts on site, or have the original stories open in a new window at the original site (default behavior).

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