CPanel and hosting


With over 100,000 new domains registered every month, there is a huge demand for instructional sites related to the hosting niche, in particular how CPanel works. Hosting and CPanel free video lessons with hundreds of videos. Completely automated with the powerful WPRobot plugin — you do nothing to maintain the site!


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CPanel & Hosting video tutorials


Hugely profitable CPanel & Hosting Video Lessons niche!

Entirely automated with 100s of videos and articles!

The hosting industry is generating record profits and this market is growing exponentially, there is no recession here. With over 100,000 new domains registered every month, all of them obviously in need of hosting, there is a huge demand for instructional sites related to this niche. Google knows this and CPC is extremely high with keywords such as ‘server hosting’ and ‘cpanel hosting’ paying as high as $21 PER CLICK.

Completely automated website posting hundreds of properly subdivided CPanel video lessons. There is also a number of static articles (these can be increased manually or automatically if desired). Since videos are streamed directly from YouTube there is no bandwidth or quota issues with the site. We’ve also used a cool lightbox style to display the videos (you can set the video size in the options).

Advertising throughout the site is comprehensive but as usual not overwhelming, with various AdSense spaces plus Linkshare, Clickbank ads etc. mingled with the videos and in the sidebars (notice that the site has three sidebars, each with its own content). As usual these ads spaces are just guidelines, you can use any affiliate program you like, simply replacing the code (as explained in the instructions). In fact, even though the site should monetize quite well with AdSense, we recommend to join the major affiliate programs re:hosting such as GoDaddy, HostGator etc.

Optimized for SEO without any plugin. You get a commercial framework theme worth $127 with free updates for life. This framework allows anyone to customize or build a complete WordPress site from scratch without writing a single line of code (plus many other unseen before features). Very fast and modern code fully updated to the latest WordPress, and our usual fanatical attention to every detail.



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