Electric Guitars


Dozens of articles, videos, images and advertisement. Great design and a very rich site including Social networking and forum plus our Smart Ads Placement and many more features!


Premium Website Package For Sale!

Electric guitars



Outstanding design using a Framework

Get fast, modern code that search engines love. Ease of use, and exceptional value ($80 framework Premium theme). Self-updating for life! Change skin (theme) in two minutes if you want a new, unique look. SEO built-in. HOOKS to place anything everywhere on the pages. These features ALONE are worth the price of the website!

Smart ads placement

turnkey websites Look at the homepage, see the ads on the right. Click Video>Guitar Lessons. Look again! The ads have changed to very remunerative ClickBlank ads only related to Guitar lessons for beginners! Not something else, not something random. Click By brand>Fender, look on the right again. Now we have marvelous Amazon carousels exclusively related to Fender guitars, not Gibson or Yamaha, Fender! Give viewers what they want!! You can have different ads on every page and every category. Take your affiliates websites to the next level with Smart Ads Placement!

Social networking and forum

turnkey websites Besides the usual, the site also features a complete Facebook-like social networking design with friends, wall, personal messages etc. ALL AUTOMATIC including registration. Feel free to try it! Also included a working forum, separate but fully integrated with the social networking part. These features can be further enhanced using plugins. Get fresh content and interest from real users!

Built-in and preconfigured SEO

web design

 NOTE: At the moment the forum/social capability of the site have been disabled because the MINGLE plugin crashes with WordPress 4.x. We are looking forward to an update. Even so, still a great site!

Built-in SEO, no plugins used. Fine tune keywords, title, META for the entire site or even individually for EVERY page or post.

All-inclusive design

It doesn’t end here. You also get, already preconfigured by us, Contact Page, PLR Articles (dozens, not five or six, check the sitemap), Videos (divided by argument!), Social Links, Subscription links & RSS, sitemap and of course our support should you need to change or add anything. Where else can you get all this value?

Designed for profit

The design as it is includes the major affiliate programs. With a category such as musical instruments however, you can also join other affiliate programs with some of the big names in this industry (Thomann in Europe for example), because they pay well and also because viewers will love more specific advertisement. If properly promoted this website is capable of generating a significant income.

Unique look

Here we are with the usual question: “A very limited edition such as this one is a drop in the ocean, still, I want my site to be unique and not shared with other thirty people”. Our answer: That is understandable. We give you a complete, professionally designed site that would cost a fortune ($1,500…$2,000) bespoke. Your job, if you want the turnkey websites“uniqueness” (which is not so important, compared to SEO), will be to change it a bit. How would you do that. First you can change the content, if you know how to send an email you know how to use WordPress, maybe spin the articles a little, add a few more pictures and so on. Second change how the theme looks, which is also dead easy thanks to the framework design. AS IT IS THE SITE COMES WITH FOUR DIFFERENT COLOR STYLES! But you can change the look drastically in 1/2 hour, just swap the child theme (check the GPS page to see an example). But you can also, easily, keep the theme as it as and change logo, background, colors, sidebars number and position, featured articles on the homepage (their size, position, content, pics size etc. etc.), add a slideshow or a video on the homepage and so on and so forth. There are literally millions of changes that you can do even without a technical training. There is no need to code, all is done through the familiar WordPress interface. Look at the picture on the left, want to change the logo, just upload a different picture, it even suggests the size. Something goes wrong? In the comprehensive instructions that come with the site we also teach you how to backup and restore the entire site content.

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