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Your chance to become a real e-tailer with an outstanding real e-commerce site, promoting all electronics from Amazon ‘Electronic Gifts Guide’ page(s). The site has a real shopping cart which means that visitors get a 90-days cookie (instead of 24 hours like most Amazon affiliate sites). The design is one of our best e-commerce sites with a stunning graphic menu and fancy animated products grid. The site comes with an superb integration between theme, shopping cart plugin and Amazon plugin, fully mobile responsive layout and the latest WordPress, theme and plugins.

Become a REAL e-tailer with our ULTIMATE ELECTRONICS e-store!

Electronic gifts & gadgets store


Best electronics gift guide deals and ideas

Best electronics gift guide deals and ideas

  • Professionally designed e-commerce site offering the best Amazon products from their new “Electronic Gifts Guide” page(s). This is the ULTIMATE electronics and gadgets store!

  • 90-DAYS Amazon cookies and ON SITE shopping cart with real CHECK-OUT: introducing the NEW and MOST PROFITABLE way to build Amazon Associates stores… like REAL STORES! You could even sell your OWN products, no changes required!

  • Decide what to sell, pick the products that you want; show best sellers, items on sale, latest arrivals, show by price or brand… any possible combination. Your inventory will be daily updated automatically!!

  • Outstanding INTEGRATION between theme and some very sophisticated plugins! Notice the fully graphic top menu (a first!), shopping cart in menu, amazing grid style layout with fancy animations (tons of options). Also from the admin side we have the easiest way to pull in any Amazon products you want.

Another great Amazon e-store with on-site shopping cart full e-commerce. The site idea and inspiration came from Amazon Electronic Holiday Gifts Guide  page (here available from 1 Nov. each year) which as you can see is subdivided in exactly the same categories that we’ve used for the site (plus one which is for the homepage and shows best sellers in electronics in general).

Of course the site, even though presented as an electronic giftware site, is always good – not just before Black Friday or Christmas – because you promote all the coolest and newest electronics gadgets, gifts and ideas in the most important sub-categories such as wearable, photography, home office, gamers and so on, as per top menu (of which we are very happy since it is our first graphic menu and looks very nice, in fact it replaces the usual masthead). The banner below that can be easily replaced with your own if you want (it becomes an 728x90px advert in the internal pages).

The second ‘graphic’ feature is of course the cool animated products grid, here you have literally hundreds of options and skins to make it different (if you want to).

The site comes with ~165 products and you will see it’s very easy and fun to add more (this is a semi-manual site: prices get updated automatically but products must be pulled in by hand; this is simple and quick to do thanks to the intelligent Amazon affiliates plugin used. You can add as many products you want, in batches or individually, from categories, browsenodes or ASINs etc.).

As you can see browsing the site there’s plenty of static adverts as well which should help with monetization, plus our usual contact and privacy pages, social icons, very comprehensive instructions and of course the latest HTML5 mobile responsive code.

Like with most of our sites but in particular with this one, changing topic entirely is perfectly possible even for those with little knowledge of WordPress; this means that you could duplicate the site and promote something entirely different such as beauty products or shoes or whatever, simply delete all products, change the menu/categories and import from related Amazon browsenodes!

Features list:

  • e-commerce works with either affiliate products (Amazon sells and ships, you get a commission) OR even with real physical products (sold and shipped by you).
  • on-site shopping cart, get commissions for multiple items at once! Cart available from secondary menu!
  • 90-days Amazon cookie instead of 24-hours earning potential fully maximized.
  • create your store like a real store: you can pick any products you want!
  • unique features such as: – possible layered nav product variations – possible price filters – images galleries with lightbox – possible related products – possible wishlists – users reviews will greatly enhance your visitors’ shopping experience.
  • Cron to keep your inventory up-to-date.
  • Content spinning: If you are afraid of the much overrated “content-duplication”, the site even has a working spinner. (We are not big fans of spinners, just think of top sites such as thisiswhyimbroke.com, dudeiwantthat.com and many others making thousands of dollars each month merely reposting Amazon products and descriptions).
  • works with Amazon USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, China, Italy, Spain and India.
  • people love and trust Amazon and will love the site checkout: many real big e-tailers use Amazon checkout.

Requirements if you do NOT host with us: make sure SOAP and cURL extensions are installed/enabled on your server (most hosts including ourselves install these by default but ask yours if in doubt because a few don’t).

Notice about automated websites

1) Most automated sites are slowed down or paused in order to save resources. Once you get your automated site, Cron jobs will be obviously un-paused and posts will be current.

2) With aggregators, you can choose whether to show posts on site, or have the original stories open in a new window at the original site (default behavior).

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