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Fitness technology gadgets


Fitness training gadgets (such as the trendy fitness bracelets and smartphone-powered tech) are one of the hottest trends and a site about this niche should be in every Internet marketer portfolio, also because fitness/health and technology are always highly profitable. The site is based on Amazon’s ?ÛÏFitness Technology?۝ category page plus video reviews from YouTube (playing in a large lightbox). The site ‘sells’ all the latest Heart Rate Monitors, Fitness Trackers, Pedometers, Stopwatches and GPS for fitness from Amazon and is completely on autopilot. Exceptional graphics with mobile responsive slideshow and widgeted magazine-style layout. Ideal for beginners to Internet marketing.

Fitness training/health technology fast growing niche

Fitness technology gadgets



Fitness training gadgets are one of the hottest trends (see the almost vertical Google Trends curve below for fitness trackers, just one of the categories used) and a site about this should definitely be in every Internet marketer portfolio, also because fitness/health and technology are always highly profitable.

The site has a simple design in widgeted aka ‘magazine’ style. The homepage changes constantly with new products being pulled in from Amazon, all on autopilot. fitnesstrendsThe site is based on Amazon’s ‘Fitness Technology’ category page (here) with the only difference that we have removed sport watches because these products did not seem related to fitness, so we have five categories as per site top menu, plus a sixth which is the video reviews category from YouTube.

Notice that Amazon under Sporting Goods>Exercise & Fitness have dozens of categories (of which ‘Fitness Technology’ is just one), like cardio training, clothing, exercise machines, balance trainers, even footwear and DVD lessons etc. so if you want you could work at the site and add more categories/products to it. We wanted to stay focused on items such as heart rate monitors, pedometers, GPS, smartphone-powered tech and fitness trackers because it is such a fast growing trend and hot niche.

The site obviously monetizes when visitors click on a product and get redirected to Amazon for their purchase(s), but we also have plenty of static adverts, as you can see three Adsense above the fold (you can replace these with any other affiliate programs) and more ads scrolling down.

The usual contact and privacy pages, social icons, and a very nice mobile responsive slideshow complete the site. Speaking of attention to details, notice that videos open in a large lightbox and that clicking on the Videos menu shows full content instead of excerpts like the other categories, so visitors do not have to click twice to watch the videos.

‘Behind the scenes’ the site is a beauty with the latest HTML5 code, fully mobile responsive, fast loading, Google fonts and many other features. If interested in this niche (you should be) notice that we already have several related sites. For example fitness I, fitness II, health monitors, GPS for fitness and many others (weight loss, health news, sports outdoors, and surely more). Even though these are static ‘classic turnkey’ sites we suggest (as usual) to browse our site thoroughly, maybe you can build a little network of health/fitness related websites.



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