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Big informational/news site publishing in real time all the news about gambling, poker, casino and sports spread betting. Hugely profitable niche. Opt-in box with TWO free ebooks to enhance conversions. The site monetizes with high-gravity ClickBanks adverts or you can use any affiliate programs in the lucrative gambling niche. No work required and an easy to understand layout make this site ideal for beginners and a must in every Internet marketer portfolio.



The latest gambling and betting news including poker, casino and sports

 (Note: this is an informational/news site, there is no betting on site).


  • Automatically publish all the news related to gambling, betting, casino new, poker and sports betting!

  • The entire homepage changes every day, post headlines excerpt (or entire stories), all on autopilot. NO work!

  • Outstanding magazine-style layout never used before with beautiful background, grid view on internal pages and many other features.

  • Promote any gambling affiliate program you like or just customize the high-gravity Clickbank adverts (15 on the homepage!).

  • Grab visitors emails for further promotion with an automated opt-in box. Visitors get TWO free ebooks in both mobi (Kindle) and epub format.

  • Latest fully mobile responsive HTML5 code, looks great on mobile devices too!

We already have a couple of sites in the hugely profitable gambling/betting niche (Casino and gambling, a static site, and a Sports Spread Betting aggregator), both have proved to be successful, but with this one we wanted to go a bit further, publishing in real time pretty much all the news about gambling, as well as poker, casino and sports (covering both online gambling and traditional of course). To profit from this site, which is 100% automated and requires no work (ideal for beginners!), you only need to customize the ~15 ClickBank adverts on site (all high-gravity products paying $50 per sale), or if you prefer you can join any of the even more profitable gambling affiliates programs on the Net (a link to a comprehensive list is given with the instructions) and replace the adverts. This little work is clearly explained in the detailed instructions (or we can do it for you).

Also automated is an opt-in box at the bottom of the site which gives away two free ebooks (instant download, try it if you want), this will attract visitors and you will collect their email address for further promotion, if you want.

The site syndicates ~70 sources, which you can easily edit/add/remove etc. (if you want). In fact, since you can change the sources, the time interval for updates, the number of posts being pulled in, all the affiliate adverts, the site title/tagline and background etc. etc. basically your site will be different from any others. Additionally, since WordPress is so easy to use, you can of course post your own content if inclined to do so.

The usual features such as contact and privacy pages, social icons, the latest code, theme and plugins, great design never used before complete the website. The site is very easy to use and customize and as said you can choose to show headlines excerpts (articles open at the originating site, default behavior), or entire stories on site (one click setting) with full credit and backlink to the source at the bottom of each post. The price we ask is just ridiculous for a website in this niche, since you will break even with just one or two Clickbank (or whatever affiliate) sales.

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