Gold & Precious Metals


Fully automated aggregator blog about gold, silver and all precious metals news & rates! Investing in GOLD is a highly lucrative industry, now more than ever, making this a very profitable site! Very elegant mobile responsive design with plenty of CPC and CPA affiliates to chose from.

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Gold & Precious Metals



Automatically aggregates all precious metals news & rates! Investing in GOLD is a multi-billion $$$ and highly lucrative industry, now more than ever, making this a very profitable site!!

To understand why gold and precious metals have become so hugely popular simply look at the price trend widget right on the site homepage. Gold and silver prices have never been so high because in times of economic uncertainty people always look for alternatives to protect their money and their falling stock portfolios. Keywords such as ‘gold’ and ‘gold price’ receive in excess of 83 MILLION searches/month on Google only. Google AdSense pays $10 /click on average, and there is plenty of very lucrative affiliate programs to join, especially because gold is popular with a number of different traders, such as Forex, Stock, Futures and so on. A website about gold and precious metals is therefore a must in every Internet marketer portfolio.

Since pretty much all precious metals websites look very technical and intimidating, we’ve designed a quite sophisticated looking, yet friendly site. The site is in blog style, the homepage changes every day as more news get pulled in. You get fresh content from the major gold trading websites on the Net (more can be added of course). You get/show the news as they happen. Since this is a blog meant to be read, we’ve gone for picture-less posts, so every update takes only a few seconds.

Obviously the main features are the gold prices widgets, especially the big one right at the top. Another cool feature is the prominent Opt-in box (via Feedburner so you get your visitors email addresses and you can also throw some ads in your feed if you want).

There is plenty of advertising throughout the site, especially AdSense, since it pays so well in this niche. We have one of many gold affiliates ( – you can join more of course) but also ClickBank (for example) can be very profitable, since even though top gravity CB marketplace products are not 100% gold related, they’re still about money making and investing (for example the DotComSecretsX on the lower right pays over $50 for every sale you make!). This site can therefore become very lucrative.

Main Features:

  • Brand new ‘mobile responsive‘ theme (content and menus will look good on mobile devices).
  • Outstanding LIVE precious metals widgets (ticker, live charts)
  • Powerful syndication feature so that the site aggregates new content every day from multiple sources. This makes the site run on auto-pilot with no maintenance whatsoever from your side.
  • Prominent Subscribe gadget (via Feedburner so you get your visitors email addresses).
  • Social links (FB, Twitter etc.)
  • Very elegant graphics and layout & brand new design never used before. Google loves modern sites made with the latest WordPress, plugins, mobile responsive commercial framework, SEO built-in, Google fonts, ever changing content and so on.

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