GUN CONTROL in America


Automated aggregator website about much debated topics such as gun control, gun violence, shootings, 2nd amendment and firearms crime. Includes two automations (news and videos) plus a static section for your own insights. Also a poll, an opt-in box, a Paypal donations box, social likes on each post, and social links. Outstanding attention to details and features such as the masthead which is in fact a slideshow, large lightbox for videos and the latest and best code and plugins available.


Authoritative multi-functional aggregator website in the most controversial and debated topic there is!

GUN CONTROL in America

Gun Control

As many of you know we often cover some sensitive and heavily debated topics with our sites (we have cannabis, LGBT, terrorism, sex toys, mental illness etc. etc.) so here we are again with an extremely disputed argument nowadays – especially in the USA – which sadly is gun control, gun violence, firearms, schools shootings etc.

The site is rather complex because it has two automations, a static section (blog), polls, donations, opt-in box, social, and more. However, the site is not hard to use/maintain – even for beginners – and of course you do not need to be American or live in the USA to operate/own the site, which monetizes from advertisement.

The site aggregates content from the major ‘gun control’ websites, blogs and crime news sites (plus videos) on the Net, without any bias, it is not either pro or against gun control. Up to you – by changing the sources if you want, see instructions – to give the site any particular inclination. Additionally, the site also has a static section (‘blog’) which is hand written, so (if desired) you can write your own insights/commentary in here (this section can be removed if you prefer a 100% automated site, as explained in the instructions).

The automated content goes into four categories, three of which are available from the top menu.  ‘Gun control news’ (mostly political), ‘Firearms news’ (mostly “guns”, but not specifically reviews), and ‘Videos’ (all the major keywords are being used here in order to pull in videos – it is easy to customize). Additionally, the site has a fourth category (only shown in the sidebar), which is ‘Shootings news by State’. This category contains specific feeds along will all the States from  Alabama to Wyoming, so it pulls in content the moment a shooting happens. This way, if tomorrow (God forbid) there is a new shooting, say in Tennessee, you will get it on site automatically.

All this is done with two automation plugins. Our instructions clearly explain how to customize them and in particular how to show stories (title only, title+excerpt, or full article whenever available — so three different ways). Notice how videos play in a large lightbox.

The site has many more features. At the top we have the header, which is in fact a slideshow. Right now it is static because we’ve used only one slide (we prefer this way), but if desired, by simply adding slides you can animate the header (takes a few clicks as per instructions). Below the header/slider there is an editable description. We then have another major feature, which is the Poll, so visitors can vote about the topic. Then we have the main ‘loop’ in ‘blog style’, where all posts (automated, and from the blog) scroll (newest at the top of course).

After the loop we have an opt-in box done with Feedburner (visitors subscribe to the site feed and you automatically collect valuable email addresses for further promotion), and finally a footer with search box, tags etc.

As you can see we of course have plenty of adverts (more than it seems at first sight: the homepage has seven ads), which is how the site monetizes. As it is now the site uses AdSense and high-gravity ClickBank ads, but you can use any affiliate program you want, just replacing the code (as per instructions). In addition, there is also a donation box (donations go to your Paypal automatically) to help with conversions.

For ‘social interaction’, not only we have social links in the top menu, but we also have social ‘likes’ on each post. Visitors have also the possibility to leave comments. The usual contact and privacy pages complete the site.

Given the importance of the topic this is probably the most comprehensive site we’ve made so far, and the included instructions are particularly thorough.

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