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HIP HOP news/magazine megasite with Amazon products + Videos + 2x automation + mobile app!


Terrific hip hop aggregator website including rap, DJing, street art/graffiti, break-dancing and b-boying along with ‘large’ autoplay videos and a huge number of Amazon products to sell! New supercool ‘parallax scrolling’ layout for the most comprehensive authority magazine style site we’ve ever done. Basically, this site is awesome! Double automation, one to syndicate from over 75 sources (!), another to pull Amazon products in over 15 categories (more can be easily added). Over $300 of software come with the site along with comprehensive instructions for further customization, this makes this site a must for any ‘hip’ and trendy Internet marketer.

Premium Ready Made Website For Sale!

Hip Hop magazine products


  • THE hip hop magazine site including RAP, DJing, street art/graffiti, breakdancing and b-boying along with cool videos and huge number of Amazon products to sell! All posts with pictures! All products with reviews! All videos autoplay in a large lightbox even better than YouTube itself.
  • Headlines can link to the original story or open stories on site as you prefer (1-click setting).
  • The site syndicates over 75 sources and has over 15 WPRobot campaigns (more categories can be added since there are 1000s of cool products re:hip hop at Amazon!).
  • Detailed instructions clearly explain how to change homepage images and text, menus, how to add more feeds, how to add more Amazon categories etc. (we show how to add videogames as an example). You DON’T have to do this but it’s nice to know that you CAN.
  • Five lucrative adverts on each page (more can be added) plus of course get a commission every time a visitor make a purchase from Amazon. The site could even become an easy-to-use content rich platform to make even more money with rap and hip hop (for example SELLING BEATS AS DIGITAL DOWNLOADS).
  • Between AutoBlogged, WPRobot and the WP framework, this site comes with well over $300 worth of licensed software.

Notice about automated websites

1) Most automated sites are slowed down or paused in order to save resources. Once you get your automated site, Cron jobs will be obviously un-paused and posts will be current.

2) With aggregators, you can choose whether to show posts on site, or have the original stories open in a new window at the original site (default behavior).

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