HOT NEW RELEASES! Sell everything new at Amazon, unlimited products in real time!


The ultimate Amazon affiliate website automatically posting everything NEW from Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” category. No heavy plugins or maintenance or any work required to run this site. Plenty of room to grow because you can easily add new categories if desired. Also static ads to help with conversions. Outstanding grid design with carousel and a new Amazon search (affiliate) box perfectly integrated with the site. Wherever visitors click it’s an affiliate link including the site custom made RSS feed!


Automatically publish and promote all NEW products for sale at Amazon in real time!


The site is fully functional, click pic below to visit!


This clever site feeds from Amazon’s “hot new releases” page(s) (here), so basically every time Amazon publish a cool new product, it will show up on site, depending of course if the particular category is covered. In this case we have 20 categories (you can add as many as you want, detailed instructions provided), obviously we’ve chosen popular categories. This means that if for example Amazon publishes a new Kindle model tomorrow, it’ll be on your site – automatically – within hours!

Since the site is based on feeds, it’s not the same as using popular Amazon plugins such as WPRobot or WooZone; in fact, the site is quite ‘light’ since it does not publish the entire product page with description, photos, reviews etc. but rather a simple excerpt from which visitors will be redirected to the product for sale at Amazon (notice that all external links are cloaked). This innovative approach allows the site to easily post 1000s and 1000s of products quickly and without running out of resources (as it comes the site is obviously new and there are only ~200 products, but since it posts every day, this number will consistently go up).

We have also added a catchy carousel at the top, an editable tagline, then we have 30 products per page. There are also plenty of static adverts to help conversions. There is also a clever customization of Amazon Associates’ “search box” (we say ‘clever’ because it’s much cleaner than the search widget they provide). The search box also has your affiliate ID in it of course. The site also offers a good RSS feed for which we have installed a plugin in order to show images (in the site feed).

Along with search box, static ads, and all products posted, basically wherever visitors click it’s an affiliate link (including the RSS feed!).

The site also has social ‘likes’ on each product, social icons, contact and privacy pages, and of course it’s mobile responsive and uses the latest, fast and modern code available (professional framework).

  • Promote hot new releases from Amazon in real time!
  • Add as many categories as you want and as many products you want!
  • No heavy plugins such as WPRobot or WooZone and no manual work required!
  • All external links are cloaked.
  • Animated carousel and Amazon search box!
  • Static adverts to help conversions, even entries in the site RSS feed have your affiliate ID!
  • Social likes on each post, social icons, contact and privacy pages, latest code and theme, fully mobile responsive and extremely comprehensive instructions.


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