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Dig into the multi-trillion dollars travel/hospitality industry with this exceptionally smooth and clean WordPress/private branding integration. Search/compare huge database of 2 million HOTELS in over 220 countries and 120,000 destinations. Getting paid per lead makes this a very high earning website. The site also includes a powerful aggregator pulling in fresh content every day, entirely on autopilot! Plus opt-in box, social links, social ‘likes’, multiple headers and more make this site really stand out in this niche.


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Automated Hotels search/comparison aggregator

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Dig into the multi-trillion dollars travel/hospitality industry!
Search/compare huge database of 2 million hotels in over 220 countries and 120,000 destinations!
Exceptionally smooth and clean WordPress/private branding integration!
Includes powerful aggregator pulling in fresh content every day, automatically!



After our successful flights-search sites it was time to do something that many of you have been waiting for: hotels. If you are reading this you surely already know that hotels, hospitality and travel are big earners (huge industry) so no need to elaborate on that (‘cheap hotel’ gets 3,4 million searches/month!).

If you’ve been looking around for a site in this niche (there are some ‘similar’, mostly sold on Flippa, ~$100 … $500 range) you may have noticed that most of them use HotelsCombined as a whitelabel. This because of the great payout and comprehensive search (with over 2 million hotel deals in 220 countries, multi-language, multi-currency etc. and they actually do find/show the best hotels deals, all in one shot) and in fact, we’ve also chosen HotelsCombined.

Problem with almost all the ‘similar’ sites mentioned above, is the horrible integration. Either the sites don’t actually work (typical of Flippa sites lol), or are not made with WordPress (hence completely useless since you can not add/edit/expand/customize/seo the site), or if so, they just look like a banner on top of the HotelsCombined search box (even uglier when one go booking, for all of them show the horrible subdomain-yourdomain hyperlink). In addition, none of them offer any further features, like a custom section (blog) or news, articles or anything.

So we’ve been working hard to ‘bend’ a commercial WordPress theme (mobile responsive of course) in order to match the lovely (if a bit dated) HotelsCombined search (and vice-versa) to make a real private branding. The result is the smoothest integration you can get. In addition, we’ve added a powerful aggregator engine to automatically post, every day, news and headlines from the travel and hospitality industry. This will guarantee fresh content to the site, a better visitors experience and ultimately more traffic (which a website with a simple search box i.e. no content, wouldn’t get).

Of course, once again, this is 100% WordPress so adding further sections would be very easy (like personal insights, more pages, different graphics, or even more powerful features such as reviews, a forum etc.). Either modified or as it is, a site like this could become a big earner indeed. We recommend to visit the site thoroughly and pay attention to the subtle integration with HC, up to the hyperlinks – even the breadcrumbs! – colours.

The site has multiple graphic headers (one on the homepage, a different one on the blog page etc. Photoshop files supplied). You will also find: an opt-in Subscribe box (grab visitors emails), social links to your social pages, and social ‘likes’ icons.

In addition, to enhance profitability there’s also plenty of ads on every inner page (use AdSense, LinkShare, Amazon etc.) even though of course HotelsCombined is the big payer here since they pay on a ‘per lead‘ basis (and visitors are tracked for one year!). See their policy here.

The site comes with comprehensive instructions (including a little video), SEO optimized, WordPress commercial theme, latest code and plugins. Integration with HotelsCombined is basically just a hyperlink to your whitelabel so no fancy stuff or code that may break on you down the road or technical skills to customize the site. The price is just ridiculous considering what you get, and the fact that this is the only hotels search site on the market also available as a digital download for those who want to use their own domain.



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