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The perfect business model: directory sites for any business and any location in the world! You can charge customers monthly and profit from advertisers & affiliates ads too! You can duplicate the site to any location/business category (instructions included), or we can do that for you. The profit potential is virtually unlimited. Start with a full directory. No scraping, no addresses to upload manually, entirely automatic! Listings are pulled-in in real time, always updated! With ratings, reviews, Google Maps, and FOUR promotion methods. Includes professional entry form and automatic Paypal payment already configured! These sites come ready made or custom made specifically for you.


GO LOCAL! Custom & Ready made! GO LOCAL!

Multiple Monetization fully automated DIRECTORY SITES

The site is live and 100% functional, click to view! 

The perfect business model: Directory sites for anywhere in the world!

Charge customers monthly and profit from advertisers & affiliates ads too!

The site above is available for purchase but also an examples; you can duplicate it to any location/business category (instructions included), or we can do that for you.

No starting with an empty directory. No addresses to upload manually, entirely automatic!

Listings are pulled-in in real time, always updated!

With ratings, reviews, Google Maps, and FOUR promotion methods (see below).

Still WordPress, so your directory site can have a blog, or syndicated content (news), or whatever feature you want to add!

With beautiful professional entry form and automatic Paypal payment already configured!

You don’t need to live in the same area, your directory can be anywhere in the world!!


How directory sites work and how you can make (unlimited) amount of money with them? Imagine having a site like the one above, a Hotels directory of Marbella, Spain. The site shows all related businesses in the area, neatly divided by category. (This could obviously be anything, like attorneys, plumbers, hotels, restaurants, gyms and so on, and, in any location in the world).

Since you go ‘local’, first advantage: you can get any .com domain name you want, they’re all available (cityname category, or cityname category ‘directory’ etc., for example:

Second advantage: showing up in Google is very easy (how many beauty directories of Naples there are, or…. for example, or,, PhuketHotelsDirectory etc. etc. – these examples are all available unique domains!). Most directory sites show an A-Z category list, you instead will be focusing on business niches!

Third advantage: easy traffic! Visitors will go to your site looking for an address, map, directions, or possibly reviews, or ratings etc. and that’s exactly what the site offers (along with even more features – as shown – like a blog/articles or real time news etc.).

Fourth advantage: compared to any other affiliate website, easy money too: diners, dentists, attorneys, hoteliers, etc. etc. will pay you a monthly fee to have their listing featured on your site. These listings will show above all the other listings. Alternatively you can feature a business with a graphic ad in the sidebar. (The plugin used has two more features not used with the sites above: pop-up boxes and Kontera-style underlined text, linking to your own advertisers of course).

So overall four different ways to make paid listings stand out and profit from them, plus, of course, generic affiliate adverts (AdSense etc.) like for all our sites. Visit the site and CLICK ‘ADD YOUR BUSINESS’ FROM THE TOP MENU AND AS YOU CAN SEE FORM and PAYPAL PAYMENT ARE ALREADY (wonderfully) INTEGRATED and CONFIGURED (you can change the monthly $29 listing cost of course to whatever you like).

Fifth (huge) advantage: all this is entirely automated since (unlike ALL directory themes / sites from our competitors):

A) you don’t have to start with an empty directory (that’s where most directory sites fail) or enter listings by hand, you don’t have to scrape them from any ‘yellow pages’ webservice and upload them to your site manually. You don’t have to keep them updated. In fact the plugin used is not even a scraper, it uses real time data –and B) there is a beautiful entry form for businesses to purchase their monthly featured listing, fully automated with Paypal integration.

Your only job would be, after you get the advertiser listing via email and payment via Paypal, to add the listing to the page (takes 1 minute obviously, copy/paste, copy/paste).

Sixth advantage: you can pick your own preferred promotion method; natural website traffic via SEO, or telemarketing (like most yellow pages companies do), or flyers in the post, or even AdWords (it would cost little since you would advertise locally). In addition, each customer you will promote will help since his competitors will also want to be featured.

Seventh advantage: Obviously you don’t have to live in the same location the site is about; you could live in Singapore and have dozens of directories all over the world. You can market anywhere. And that’s the point exactly: you can make multiple (endless) small sites with little effort to quickly increase your income. There is no limit to this business! If you’ve been struggling with websites and affiliate marketing with worldwide visibility, or even national visibility, you will find out that ‘local’ is much easier.

Let’s see the site above in detail. The plugin we use (we have full developers license and you will get updates for life of course) comes in two flavours: USA and International (rest of the world). As a consequence we’ve made a site for USA and one for Europe (could be anywhere, even in China). They are slightly different (see the USA site here).

The ‘rest of the world’ site (Marbella, Spain), since this is a popular touristic location, has restaurants, hotels and golf (Marbella is very famous for its golf courses, Puerto Banus nearby is a unique place in Europe where all the riches go, huge yachts, luxury cars etc). The ‘international’ variation of this plugin shows listings in a slightly different way (with maps) and reviews are not available from the top menu, but under each listing. It is also multi language: English, Spanish, German and Greek (terrific feature). It is also different from the admin panel, but still very easy to implement (full instructions included). This site is also a very powerful aggregator, pulling in strictly Marbella-related news (could be anywhere of course) all of them with picture. This adds interest to the site and also is terrific for SEO. Given the huge amount of money that goes around in Marbella/Costa del Sol, consider the $29 monthly fee (in the ‘Feature your business’ form) just an example, it could easily be 10 times that once the site has traffic.

HOW TO PURCHASE A DIRECTORY SITE As usual you can purchase the sites above with or without  domain name. You will then only need to customize the few affiliate ads, and start promoting in order to get visitors purchase their featured listing. OPTION: you may want to purchase a directory site but are not interested in ‘Marbella hotels’ and want to do a different business category/location. This is easy since the sites come with instructions on how to do it yourself (note: basic knowledge of WordPress is required); also, in this case you will probably have your own domain name so purchase the site without it (costs even less!) and upload it to your domain (note: basic knowledge of CPanel is required).

Alternatively we can custom design the site for you from scratch, listing here.

Note: if you purchase the sites with the intention to use them on a different location, please keep in mind that as said this plugin has two variations: USA and International (rest of the world). Don’t purchase ‘Marbella’ and then you want to make Chicago, likewise, don’t purchase ‘Naples’ if you want to make Dubai.